Saturday, March 21, 2009

Words, Words, Words

Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms
Another day, another giant box of m&m's, another chance to win sugar.

Peanut M&Ms
No one is asking you to write Hamlet or to give your monkey a typewriter. But if you have a monkey, please, please give it a typewriter and send the script to ABC.

The Rules

pencilLeave a comment on the Dish

pencilNote your word verification

pencilIf it's a good one, use it in a sentence in the comment section

You can enter as often as you like, the more entries, the better your chance of winning.

Dark Chocolate M&Ms
The Catch: The first and last word of the sentence must begin with the letter "m."

Instant Winner Word Verifications:








A screen shot must be attached in an email for instant winners—as if you're going to get any of those words.
The contest
The contest ends...sometime before Easter.

For a shame on you moment, type "" in the address bar and see where it takes you (maybe this only works on a Mac, don't know for shizzle)


  1. mmmmm, what does mandm mean? mmm, lol

    You noticed I used m first and last, right? Wow, Blue looks good in a Bunny-suit.

    My word ver is idiash. Like in, Many idiash don't like M&M's but I like them, mmm--yeah. (damnit. ) I meant to say, "mmmm...." instead of yeah. (okay, did it again. I'm leaving before this turns into a couple of paragraphs)

  2. You used "m" first and started the last word with "l" lol.
    I don't mind if you turn it into a couple paragraphs, after all, the Idiash deserve their day in the sun.
    Good word ver and sentence.

  3. Giving away free chocolate you are too kind to your readers Jeanna :D

  4. Hey Jim,
    I gave away an Easter basket yesterday and found some interesting Easter candy while on the prowl. I just dropped off some Racine Kringle—it's a Wisconsin thing—at my cousin's. The dog, however, was giving it meaningful looks.
    I don't know how you do it. I've seen people driven mad by a bag of Goo Goo Clusters. And you're probably in great shape to boot.

  5. wow, that changed. I went over to read Jim's blog and my word ver turned into mohicat, which must be a haristyle of some kind--like a mullet or something.

    Your sentence on my blog started and ended with m, damn it. :)

  6. Hahaha, it did, Jodi, and that is a great word!
    Michael's mohicat was a hit at the House of Hair last Monday.

  7. Jeanna how do you mean driven mad by GooGoo Clusters!? I thought they were awesome, one of my favourites of the year so far! I also got sent some Cinnabon Clusters as well ... cant wait to try them!

  8. My sponge screisols on the glass as I try to get it clean, dang Mud!


  9. Hey Jim, because they are so very, very awesome. My family are sugar fiends of the worst kind and my mother leads the charge, Goo Goo Clusters and those maple Buns are some of her favorites.
    I've never heard of the Cinnabon Cluster, sounds intriguing, but for as much sugar as I consume, the Cinnabon itself is on my never eat list of evil (crazy fattening and the first thing you smell when you hit the mall).

  10. Most excellent, Lisa, now that's what I'm talking about, is that an intransitive verb?
    I hate muddy glass.

  11. Oh, hey! I just left a comment on your more recent post (the one with the Jelly Belly Jelly Beans). I was going on about word verifications before I read this one!

    My word ver for that post was "merde", which is "shit" in French. This one "rosteo". Kind of like "Rosco" and "stereo" or "Rosco" and "rodeo".

    Mmm...Mmmm...Mah dawg's name is Rosco but for this comment we'll call him Rosteo. He's one 'mazin dog-o. He luvs a good canoli or a wicked kringle. This stupid sentence has turned into a limerick gone awry. I'm gonna go now. Yes, I am.

    K, that totally sucks. Totally unworthy of any chocolate reward. LOL!

    Hey, Easter is almost here. The reason I luuuuuuuuuv Easter is...Cadbury Mini Eggs!!! Not that Cadbury egg with the bunny that goes, "Bak...bak...bak...bak" You know the commercial I'm talking about? The one with the gooey, goopy, yolky centered Cadbury egg.

    K, I'm really going (before this comment gets too long and even more ridiculous)! This is what happens when your baby makes you get up at 3AM for a feeding! GAh.

  12. Hey, C., Roscoe does love the stereo (classic rock) and I could see him shopping on Rodeo Drive. You know he has a sweet tooth—the only thing he would eat when he was not eating anything else were gourmet dog treats fresh from the bakery down the block.
    Great sentence, I'll add it to the entries. Something tells me my little cousins aren't going to win this one, little sugar hounds.
    I crave the caramel Cadbury egg above all, and of course milk chocolate coconut love nests with the teeny tiny jelly beans.
    Hope you and LO have gotten some sleep by the time you read this.
    Kisses and cooing.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Okay, this word ver is "reamess". I'm not gonna even touch this one! ;p

  15. Shockingly, LO let us sleep from 11:30PM to 7:30AM! I was like, "OMG! Is my baby okay?!?! Is she breathing? Is she alive? Is she sick? Why is she sleeping so much???" LOL!

    No. Seriously. I was actually saying that.

    Hmmm...Maybe she let us sleep a bit because her mama promised her some Nerds rope from her Auntie Jeanna! ;p

    Word ver: diess
    I diess without you, Jeanna! LOL!

  16. Woah, Nelli, no one said anything about using intransitive verbs!!

    "More chiess please, monamie?"

    I love chocolate (and cheese)! Please, pick me!

    Sign me up for Fun Monday, pls!


    BTW, what a fabulous idea for an entry... I LOVE IT!

  17. My, this could become very additive.

    "The calcalks are coming. The calcalks are coming! Quick, shred the mail!!"

    I invite you to come over and play Boggle with me!


  18. I really must leave this place.

    "Mom used to mix scaba into our milk."

    (See what happened?)


    (I was really hoping for Easter or chocolate... but no such luck!)

  19. Hi C., I shudder to think what Jimmy would do w/that first word, lol.
    I think LO is plotting something cuz people keep calling her Jane Fonda (although she was one of my fav actors).
    No Nerds Rope for baby Kanook.

  20. Hi there Mommy W., you have come up with some most excellent words and sentences and I may have to close this contest next week and start announcing winners.
    Can't remember if I've ever played Boggle and I'm certainly no Peggy Hill, but just may do that when things calm down on this end.
    (Too much chiess before bed is what's giving me nightmares about calcalks and scaba.)

  21. Maybe I'll go to ritne to see the candy of a school marm.

  22. Good one, Teague. I'll enter you in the contest.


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