Sunday, March 08, 2009

We're On Scientific Diets

Animal paw printHow do you deal with economic stress in these tough times?
Not to sound apathetic, but welcome to my world.
Really, welcome to my world.

BearThe zoo was the quickest way home from school and overlooks one of my favorite places on earth (no, I'm not telling you where).

SkippingIt's free, you can pack a lunch, and yes, the animals may very well love it if you do now.

Penguin"I agree, giraffes can be insincere, but they're under a lot of pressure to stay thin."

Don't feed signBut me, oh Lord,

Kid and penguin poolI go for penguins.
You don't have to unzip your beaded coin purse to spend the day at the Henry Vilas Zoo, at least until the carousel opens (it used to be a nickel, along with the train; I think the stage coach was a dime, big money back then).

Hot Tamales Black LicoriceMy favorite zoo candy: something chewy and licorice. This should be a photo of Snaps, but these Hot Tamales Licorice Flavored Jelly Beans are more seasonal and a very good black jelly bean. You thought I was going to forget to mention candy, didn't you?
Let's hope things don't get so bad you see a whole new approach to bring out visitors, you know like, "The zoo, it's what's for dinner."


  1. I love to walk in a zoo and watch the animals and I don't see very much of an economical crisis here in Belgium either except in the news, lol !

  2. nice place to spend some time instead of money.

  3. I love the zoo! unfortunately, the Baltimore Zoo is expensive. We have to drive almost 1.5 hours to get to the D.C. zoo, which is free!

  4. Gattina - you and be both. Glad to see things are better for you in Belgium.
    Hi Peter - you got that right.
    Hey Tracey - the Milwaukee Zoo is the same thing, but worth the money if you have it to spend. I'm lucky I live in a city with a nice little free zoo.

  5. That is most excellent! And such fun pictures! I'm taking my daughter to the zoo in May with her class. To bad ours isn't free.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Hey Bobbie Leigh, that should be fun, we have a great program for schools at the local zoo, I always wish I could join in when I see them holding snakes and getting close up to tortoises at the pavilion.

  7. I went to the local Serpentarium here in Wilmington and watched them feed the snakes this past weekend. They were on a scientific diet too!
    Oh......and I got my stimulus payment in the mail Saturday. A packet of watermelon seeds , and a coupon to KFC?

  8. You got more than me, YoJim. I would have spent more time in the herpetarium, but it is stanky and hot in there. No wonder you like snakes so much.

  9. SNAPS.. best.candy.ever
    but I will try these tamales if I see them
    Remember Sampson at the Milw Zoo? Those were the good old days.
    If I want to see wild life around here, I go down to Venice Beach. It's free too.

  10. Wow, I didn't know that was a free zoo--I'll have to check it out the next time I'm in Madison. You know, Chicago has a free zoo, too. :) (My hubby and I go there all the time--even in the winter.)

    Do you live in the city of Madison?--or in the surrounding area?

  11. LOL, Mary Ruth. Sure I remember Sampson, seems like yesterday. We had a series of Winkies (the elephant) here and they all seemed to meet tragedy. Remember when you couldn't get real Snaps a few years ago?

  12. Hi Miss H., yes, born and raised. I didn't know Chicago had a free zoo, somehow I always ended up eating and going to bars when I was there. Ah, the 80s.

  13. Thanks, Patience, great icon!

  14. Jeanna--I prayed real hard and got the snaps back in production. I'm working on keeping the Indian raisins in production now.
    Off topic--March 22 Simpsons is a St.Paddy's episode! There will be fanclub events on March 17, but you'd have to go to Chicago.

  15. What a great zoo! I've never been to this one! I too love penguins! :) Hmmm, maybe there's something weird about me, my fav animals are skunks and penguins and they're both black and white. Well, I don't like gray in my life, why not keep the animals the same. :)

  16. Mary Ruth,
    Really? I've never been there on St. Paddy's; Oshkosh on St. Paddy's almost killed me. We will be marching in the parade locally, though.
    Indian Raisins...not a fan.
    Thanks for bringing back Snaps, M.R., lol. I didn't half mind the fake ones, they were bright and intense.
    One of my favorite Homerisms is when he asks Marge if she means drunk drunk or Irish drunk.

  17. That's pretty funny, Lisa. It is a good zoo, and a great park.
    I'd go when the train and carousel are running. They may have brought the stage coach back as well. And I think they still have camel rides (shut up, James).
    The beauty of it is that there's a good playground, a lot of green space, tennis courts, ponds, an ice rink, and beach (which I'd avoid) all right by the Arboretum.
    Skunks, you say, well you'll find plenty in the Arb. The prairie dogs are kind of grey, and a laugh riot. You'd like them.

  18. oh geeze....I totally forgot about Oshkosh and St.Paddys...must have been in '74 or '75 yikes.
    My BF does a really good imitation of the little leprechaun from Simpsons..the little dance too.

  19. Hot Tamales! Woot!

    Jeanna, check out our latest post for Little One's homage to her fave Wisconsinite! ;p

  20. Yeah? I do a little Simpson's leprechaun, myself, M.R. A lot of "Ahh dachadachacha."
    One of the times I took the car to St. Paddy's in Oshkosh I was supposed to be borrowing it to go to the library. And my old man even checked the odometer, yet somehow, he thought it all checked out.

  21. OMG, C.! I just got your email and before I go to your blog I MUST post the picture. IS that the "sweetest" and cutest damn thing ever?
    Yes, yes it is.

  22. yay! spring at the HV zoo! i need to make a return trip. i have a fascination for elephants myself, but the badger saddens me. he seems a little stir-crazy every time i've seen him.

  23. Hey BB, at least the creepy test case monkeys are gone, but the space remains, reminding us of the horrors. Not to mention the smell.
    The elephants, OMG, you're too young to know about the curse of the Winkies, aren't you.


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