Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Special St. Patrick's Day View From The Dempsey Sugar Train

Purveyors of candy, Melissa and Diamond.

...shall we continue?

TargetI'll take that as a yes with one abstention.

Chewing gum"Top of the morning."
"You holding?"

"Yeah, I'm holding, holding on for dear life."

Dancing for sugarDance of the Sugar Jones.

B&W sug buzzMore, more, more, how do you like it, how do you like it?
Covered with sugar.

Irish GoblinAnd this, the Blockbuster buzzkill mom would like you to believe, is what you'll see after one too many Pixie Stix.

Charmed, I'm sureCharmed, I'm sure. That little girl has a big bag and high hopes.

Balloons for sugarCan I interest you in a balloon for a wee bit of sugar?

Unlucky kidGod bless the child that's got a zip lock bag of candy.
The green t-shirt says "not lucky, just cute" (it should say "don't mind me, just crashing").

Dog in Crisis Word got round that the humans were looking for something else to throw when they ran out of treats. Any volunteers?

Tossing terriersBut it turned out the kids would rather we toss candy.

More candy grubbersThe accusatory "Where's my candy?" look from the blond boy, I've seen that look from blond boys before (note the green Bucky tee). Is that little girl crying?

Iggy Pop's familyCould you say "no" to these faces? You could if you had a camera in one hand and had to take candy from little cousin Gabe with the other. Did you know that Iggy Pop often visits Madison just before St. Paddy's?

Red headI like a mom with her own collection of candy.

GabrielLittle cousin Gabe is so Catholic (Irish, Italian, and Mexican) he's praying on his party beads for one of those green buckets.

Mi familiaA Sweet St. Patrick's Day from the Dish and the Dempseys


  1. Anonymous1:14 AM

    Happy St Patrick's Day to you!! :)
    Lovely greens all over :)

  2. Wow! Even doggie joins the fun. ;)

  3. Hi Napa,

    We celebrated early this year, and the same to you.

  4. Hi Dora, the dogs had a blast.

  5. I'm glad they didn't toss the dog at least. Even if he was a Jack Russell.

  6. Hey Mojo, the pooch seemed a little worried, especially when the other dogs took a vote.

  7. What a fun party! Can't believe I missed it! AND to top it off we planned our trip to Chicago for Sunday and then found out Saturday was when they turned the river green. :( I always miss it!

  8. Hey Lisa, this and Halloween are two of the best times for photos around here, although this is more fun than Halloween. Great weather too, you must have a beautiful day up there today.
    I thought they celebrated St. Pat's on the 17th in Chitown, I'm sure there's something going on down there today.

  9. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Looks so much fun, yeah, even the dogs had fun. :D

  10. Hi Liza,
    They sure did and so did we, have a great St. Paddy's!

  11. I never knew St. Paddys parades were such a big thing! Looks like everyone had a blast. That totally was Iggy Pop!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you.

  12. Hey MaryRuth, how was Milwaukee?
    Is that not totally Iggy Pop, maybe a little healthier.
    Next year you'll have to come here.

  13. That kid did give you one hell of a stare, Jeanna--sure you were poaching from your cousin and not inching in his direction? And the mom with the candy--you can't let good candy go to waste. If it's just lying there because some kid was slow...(and do they really turn the river green in Chicago? ((I feel goofy for not knowing, but I have to ask...)))

    my verification is so blah...*sigh* its dermi.

  14. Who, Jodi, the blond boy? That would not be the first blond boy that's given me attitude.
    That mom in the Packer shirt? I love that she had a bag of cotton candy along with stuff from the parade, like they couldn't wait w/out sugar long enough for it to start.
    It really is a drug, isn't it.
    I was diving for candy after we went around the square, kicking children out of the way and such, lol.
    Sure, they dye the river green, hides all the dead bodies. Don't remember if I saw it though, I went to Chicago a lot in the 80s but much of that decade is a blur.
    That's an okay word ver. Two of my favs I got from your blog: ettjizzi and jigrate.

  15. Milwaukee was effin COLD is what it was...but fun. I hope to post soon!

  16. Ah, MaryRuth, if I've heard this once, I've heard it a millionfriggintimes: Must be the lake effect.

  17. Holy smokes gal......You've been a busy lil' leprechaun? I've Been down and out lately. Good to come by here and catch up with all the laughs and festivities!
    I insulted our local police departments musical ability on leprechaun weekend. They came in a restaurant with their stinkin' bagpipes and drums whilst I was trying to have a peaceful meal!
    I hollered out thet they sounded like a sperm whale with his nutz caught on the wrightsville beach jetty!!!!

  18. Of course you did. I didn't know yall had Irish coppers down there, I thought they were all named Bubba and wore lynchin' ropes to keep their pants up.
    Props for you thinking and then being able to say all that.
    What was the name of our place by the water again, Salty Nutz, Crushed Nutz? Can't remember.


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