Friday, March 13, 2009


Pi PiePi Pie by VROG in Bristol

Checking in with a fellow Ole over der on CakeSpy, Jessie says we should celebrate National Pie Day on both January 23 and March 14.

Space Invader PieSpace Invader Pie by Rakka

YES, I say yes to that, Jess. And do you not love the fact that there's an American Pie Council. Take that you no pie council having pastry hating commie naysayers.
Because I feel gutted and ready to be stretched tightly somewhere outside Plainfield, WI, let's do Other People's Pie Photos.

Squirrel pieMy Fever Dream (aka Pecan Pie) by Mountainmiss1
(This is my nightmare, and I suspect, my sister's nightmare.)

I'm conserving my strength for the St. Pat's parade on Sunday of which there will be so many photos I'll have to deposit them on flickr or someplace else that doesn't hold your photos hostage flickr sucks.

Guinness shepherd's pieGuinness Shepherd's Pie by mitchenall

Aussie pieSteak, Egg, & Bacon Pie by NicnBill

Why did I instantly think Great Britain when I saw the second photo (it's Australian).
Okay, okay, I know this is what you sugar fiends have been waiting for.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie PieChocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Pie (yes, really) by GinaMig

How cool is that name? I might have to change mine to JeannaMiG.
"JeannaMiG, put that squirrel back in the fridge and come eat your steak, egg, and bacon pie!" I like it. Except for the part about the squirrel.


  1. Ha.....I like the first one!!!!
    That would be pie squared I presume?

  2. I thought of your mathmatical dog formula when I put that up. Yeah, it should be a square pie.

  3. The Shepherd's Pie looks fantastic and where can I get the recipe for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Pie?

  4. Hi Pam, Pillsbury has some good recipes on their Web site and I know they have that one.

  5. I love pie. I could it every day.

    As for pi, it doesn't make me happy the way it does some folks. Crazy, crazy, but me and numbers never get along. I barely passed the fundamentals of Algebra. I have NO IDEA what I'm doing working in an accounting office!

  6. National Pie day!? Why was I not informed? My favourite pie is this -->,780,RC.html

    My mum makes it like no one else! Absolutely fantastic in every sense! Very very British mind!


  7. Oh, I forgot you have a squirrel phobia?
    I still like Pie to the second power!

  8. Hey UH, I know, I count on Cakespy for that sort of info.
    In grade school our math teacher divided the math idiots (moi and all but one of my chums, not the fish) from "the others" and gave those of us who would sit quietly and read, a guaranteed "C."
    As much as I loved to read, I loved to talk and implode bad teachers even more.
    In high school I traded math homework for English assignments and managed to take not an iota of math in college.

  9. Jim, so funny. I mean really, throwing some kind of "steak" in with kidneys and gravy and pudding (I'll guess that's more of the gravy part) and calling it pie.
    It. Cracks. Me. Up.
    I love the British and do love pasties and shepherd's pie.
    Will give that link a good look when I get back from the St. Pat's parade.

  10. Yes, James, it killed me to even put a frame around that photo.
    Every artist I know is good at math——I'll have to ask Heidi if she is.
    Can you draw?

  11. That squirrel keeps making me laugh! How funny! Shame on you for showing me so many fabulous desserts!

  12. ha ha ha...Ed Gein.
    I'm going to put Pie Day on the calendar alert for next year so I have one ready to go.
    I always carve a pumpkin with the pi symbol, usually one person gets it.

  13. Lisa, just for that I'll have to really show you something. That squirrel keeps giving me nightmares.

  14. You caught that, did you, Mary Ruth? Bet you're the only one who did, maybe it's a Wisconsin thing.
    I like that, mmm, pumpkin pi, argghhlll.

  15. Anonymous8:52 PM

    pfft pie


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