Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sugar Baby

Little OneThis HI larious picture of Chrissy's little one should win the prize for something. Best use of a baby to promote sugar? Is there a sugar board we can send this to, C.?
Chrissy, you are an amazing woman with a baby who will be blogging before she can walk. Hey, is that a butterscotch pacifier?
I'd love to send this to the woman in front of me at Blockbusters. Her kid was gazing longingly at one of those giant Pixie Stix and she acted like he was looking for a vein. It didn't help when I whispered (in Parseltongue), "Ssss, now you really want to try it, don't you."
Thanks, you lovely pair of Kanooks, you!
Photo by that bottomless pit of talent and energy, Chrissy


  1. HAHA! Love it! Hmmmmm...and a butterscotch pacifier! GREAT idea! My fave Lifesavers flavour when I was a kid was that rum butter one.

  2. I still have some in a drawer to my left, C. Thanks for the post and pic!

  3. This is great! Her baby is sure a sweetie, even without the sugar. :)

  4. Oh my gosh! That is priceless! Chrissy you're a doll!

  5. Jimbo: I was actually going to work on a pic for you too :)

    Jeanna: Anytime, amiga! :) We just HAD to pay homage to our fave Ched! xo

    Lisa: Awww! Thanks! She is sweet. Don't know where she inherited her looks from! Certainly not from her parents! LOL!

  6. She is a beauty with a history and some very tired parents, Lisa, LOL.

  7. Is that not cool, James?

  8. She looks more like you every day, C.

  9. Yeah.


    I jusssssst knew you were evil.

    Parseltongue! Hah! I love it, I love it. Never heard of it until I read this blog post, but I love it!

    Wow, Scrabble points...

  10. Hey now, Unhingey--I know parseltongue, too--just wait until one night, when you're all alone in a bathroom somewhere and a voice starts whispering, "go on, you know you want to eat some Green Bay Puddles" (if I could get someone to tell me what they are, lol...)

    Such a cute baby--so small and adorable, and those are some mighty big candies (and...cow pies??)


  11. LOL, Andi, you of all people should be fluent in Parseltongue.
    I thought all Twilillians were Potter Peeps.
    Yes, I'm evil.

  12. Hey Jodi, how goes it in the real world of cutthroat romance novels?
    Hey, I'd send you some if you'd like. All those cow pies and puddles are variations of large turtles. The candy I mean.
    The kid is already a star.

  13. LOL! I love it--that kid must have totally been fixated on the Pixie Stix, too. I can totally picture it! :)

  14. Hey der Miss H.,
    It was very funny, but the mom did NOT appreciate my joke making. The people behind me thought it was funny though.

  15. LOL! Oh, Jeanna! Just cracking up at all the comments here! Parceltongue, Twilillians, and Potter Peeps! You crack me up! :)

    BTW, seriously sending out your parcel TOMORROW! I told Hubby to make sure I do it. Wait! Tomorrow is Sunday! Okay, the day AFTER tomorrow! I'm sending you a bunch of stuff from the Manitoulin Chocolate Works. I promised J and Cherry I'd send them a little something too.

    You really think LO is starting to look more and more like me? Poor kid! ;p

    Word ver: astor...as in Jack Astor's the restaurant??

  16. Quit tempting me, woman!
    I do think she is, a lot. Or maybe you're just starting to look like her.
    Thanks for the word ver.


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