Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If There's A Night Before There's Got To Be A Morning After

Corned beef crepesCorned Beef & Cabbage Crepes, can I have that with a Leinies (outlook "good")

Thought you saw the last of St. Patrick's Day until next year did you.
Out of respect for those of you reading this through a pair of sunglasses wishing the computer would quit making that infernal "on" noise, I'll type softly and promise to stop talking about thick, fatty, corned beef & cabbage crepes fried in butter.
I'll even throw in some of my favorite hangover recipes. They all contain sugar.

Tribe of the Blue Rose memberThis guy makes me want to shave off every last hair of the dog that bit me

Emerson sweet pupThis is not the dog that bit me. Ten-month-old Emerson here is a lover, not a biter. This is his first St. Paddy's Day ever, and he must have the luck of the Irish, because he was rescued from a Jacksonville, FL, shelter (where they were going to put him down because he was exposed to Parvovirus)

Sweet Pup's White Bread Hangover Rescue

2 thick slices of homestyle white bread
toast, butter, and drizzle w/honey
tear into chunks, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar
soak in milk that's just to the point of scalding
eat too quickly, burn tongue, and forget about hangover

FUN FACT: According to, The British Medical Journal says brandy causes the worst hangover.

Party hats*And in some cases, lockjaw. The above photo is not meant to imply that this woman has a thermos of brandy old fashioneds stashed in her bag

The So Simple A Child Could & Very Well May Have To Make It Banana Shake

Add to blender:
a banana
a little honey
some ice cream
Blend, drink too quickly, grab forehead, scream in pain, watch children laugh at you and say "Jeeta funny," while they shoot you with Ninja Turtle pizza launchers

Mom moons"Here we go again, what if this ended up (ha) on someone's blog."

The Lucky Charms Why Why Oh Why Sweet Love Hangover

In mixing bowl so large nothing can spill out:
Half box previously opened Lucky Charms
Entire box movie size Jujy Fruits
Regular sized Milk Duds
Day old, lightly buttered, re-salted popcorn (RR1 if available)
From containers placed around couch:
Cold water chilled in easy grip handle juice bottle
Half gallon bottle frosty cold skim milk
One ham slice
Cheese Nips
Well chilled, low cal apple juice

Little dufferAnd remember, drinking can stunt your growth and effect your golf swing.

*No, brandy does not cause lockjaw
Hangover recipe ideas from: notyourmomma, Stacie Naczelnik, and JeannaMiG


  1. Oops...wonder what is the woman trying to do? ;p

  2. Hi again Dora, that's my cousin's friend. She's Irish and she's trying to show everyone her butt.

  3. Anonymous12:43 AM

    We must not have very many Irish around here because we don't have a parade for St Patty's Day.

  4. You should, Daddy, you really should.

  5. On my Dad's side we are Scott-Irish so I love St. Patrick's Day. I have to say, though, they don't do much for the holiday around where I live. I wish I lived somewhere there was a big parade for this holiday.

    Happy WW!

  6. Hi Sara, happy Wednesday to you too. I'm glad things have picked up here over the last decade or so. I've even met people from Chicago who come here because we have it on the Sunday closest to the 17th.
    It is a lot of fun and this year was one of the best so far, especially since I figured a good way to get photos with an old point and shoot.

  7. The scratching thing reminds me of a story I heard a while back from a local blog friend about ... well, it wouldn't go well with a hangover.

    Emerson ROCKS! I love a happy ending.

  8. Do tell, Mojo.
    Yeah, he was a sweet pup, I couldn't believe he had to be rescued and brought way up here just because he was exposed. It looks like he got a good owner.

  9. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Funny post:)Maybe I should go to the Detroit parade next year, never thought about all the photo ops!

  10. That banana shake sounds delish! Can it be made just cuz? :)

  11. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Opps!! That woman has got her moment of fame on your blog for sure!!:)

  12. Hey there bookbabie, are there a lot o' Irish in Detroit? There are more Germans here I think, but people are coming in from all over as it grows.
    We start ours out first thing with a Shamrock Shuffle race and end it with loads of beads and candy and...well you, know adult beverages.

  13. Hey Lisa, you skinny thing, I think that's a variation on a banana smoothie and yes, just cuz, but bananas are supposed to help with hangovers.
    I make these just-toss-in-the blender smoothies a lot in warm weather:
    Bananas, fresh fruit (strawberries or raspberries are my favs and great frozen); a matching yogurt ice cream used sparingly for texture and flavor; plenty of low fat yogurt (can be frozen or half frozen)--a mix of the plain or vanilla from the large tubs and smaller fruit ones, and juice.
    Sometimes I use milk, sometimes I use a little sherbet.
    For ex. Keylime pie yogurt, plain yogurt, and lime sherbert with lime juice (usually from the frozen can) is a good variation on the theme.
    People love this sort of thing with rum and I do it well since I drink them w/out alcohol.

  14. Hey Napa, she's my cousin's friend and I don't think either of them know I put up the photo. But I said I was going to, so there.

  15. Very interesting photos :)
    funny too.

  16. Thanks, Tigerfish, it was a lot of fun. Taking photos makes you see things you normally wouldn't.

  17. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Heartening to read about the rescued dog.

    Love the last shot! The kid looks so cute and proper.

  18. Hi BK, and he had the attitude of a dog who knew how lucky he was, extremely sweet and getting used to a new environment.

  19. LOL!!!
    OMG, Jeanna! Tooooooooo funny!

  20. Hey C., up for a feeding?

  21. oh my God--your blog really is the only blog that makes me spew on my computer. I should know better, lol. God, your cousin's friend cracked me up. She should thank you for helping her to reach a wider audience :)

    aintent is my word ver--hmm, I don't think it has a deeper meaning. Except maybe I need better words

  22. Hey Jodi, that's from drinking all that Amp.
    I don't think she's seen the photo, but it seems to have gone over rather well.
    That's an okay word ver, you know if you win this thing, I'm going to have to send you candy.
    Of course two of my little candy fiend cousins will give you a run for your money.

  23. You can send me candy--I've been testing my candy tolerance. I refuse to roll over and stop eating chocolate. I'll have to stop by Uwajimaya's and get you some Asian candies, I know you like them. I think you'd get a kick out of the ones that look like little mushrooms and pine trees.

    Are you going to tell her she's gone public?

    Today's word is dencinsc., it doesn't ring a bell. Maybe next time.

  24. That is a tough word ver, especially since I'm thinking about the terms of the contest. I might ask for it to be used in a run on or other type sentence/paragraph/short story.
    If Nanci tells her, so be it, if not, eh (shrugging shoulders), it's probably for the best.
    I get the impression the "clan" doesn't have much interest in anything on the blog unless it's a photo of them, and even then...
    I'd hate to turn you into something from Planet Terror by sending you candy. Although it would make a great story.

  25. I love your hangover recipes! *grin*

  26. I think there might be something to the bananas, but I can't vouch for the rest of them.


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