Thursday, May 07, 2009

Traveling Sugar: Driveabout

Miller Park Kettle Corn and beerThis episode of Traveling Sugar is brought to you by a left over photo from the last post. Hot kettle corn and cold stadium beer—it really does taste better at $7.50 a glass.
I never said I had a good sense of direction, and last week Cha Cha and I drove through three states (getting a speeding ticket just as we were about to pass "Go") on a get-me-the-hell-out-of-here birthday driveabout.
Getting lost was a lot more fun than getting found.
Beau the English Labrador has a better sense of direction than I do and offered to drive when I got lost in the Rural Route 1 parking lot—free popcorn cones for mom on Mother's Day.

Beau the English Black Lab"Hey lady, happy birthday, you want I should drive?"

Follow the Cha Cha icons (Chachacons) and see if you can guess where I am. Seriously, where am I?

Caramel and Cheese CornChildren are mixing copper kettles of crazy corn.

President Grant is giving me directions and fudge recipes.

Grant's vaseHe got this from the king of Belgium.

Chocolate covered strawberriesThere are trays of fruit being dipped in chocolate.

Caramel apples

Nutter Butter apple
And trays of fruit being dipped in caramel and white chocolate, then rolled in Nutter Butters.

CalebCaleb carefully packed a Nutter Butters gourmet apple I got for Carol's daughter. Does the t-shirt help? Caleb is originally from Darlington (The Pearl of the Pecatonica River.)

Squirrel UnderpantsThis sort of nonsense was readily available. I could kick myself for not getting a pair for Lisa.


  1. 7.50 beer?? Wow. It should taste good, and I'd drink it even if it didn't. Uhm...what "are" squirrel underpants?

  2. What you see is what you get, undies for your favorite squirrel.
    I thought it was just me, but Miller Lite in a plastic cup is $7.50, so $15 bucks for you and a friend, a little much, no?

  3. OMG! This post had me the chocolate covered strawberries and not at the squirrel underpants! ;p

    LOL @ "You want I should drive?"! You should have let Cha Cha drive...over here to the Island for your B-Day! We would have taken you to the Chocolate Works and then I'd have cooked a fantastic meal for you :)

    Maybe once we figure how to teleport, it would be faster for you to get here and for us to get there. I'm sooo going to get me a year's supply of Cow Pies and Udder Fingers if I end up in your neck of the woods! LOL!

  4. Believe me C., I thought about it and was originally headed north. I ended up south.
    After that speeding ticket, Cha Cha will be doing more of the driving since I learned how to use her cruise control after that little incident. Think I'll do a traffic court post.
    But seriously, I was looking at a map and thinking of going to Canada.

  5. Squirrel underpants?
    At least they will have a place to store and keep their little nutz warm?
    Cha Cha Ching!

  6. Nutter butters? Why that's just pure unadulterated heaven.

  7. you have me laughing my butt off! I am trying to figure out how I would get those underpants on him. Or how I could train him to put them on himself. Too funny! Wonder who came up with that!

    And shame on you for showing such yumminess! *licking lips*

  8. argh, a place to store and keep their little nuts warm?? That's not just a bad pun, that's a BAD pun. :)

    Y'know? I just thought of it--that there is "edible underwear". For squirrels. 0.o

  9. Good one, Poodle Bitch, next trip, poodle thong.

  10. I thought it was a good match with white chocolate, at least in theory, didn't try it, but wish I would have gotten one for myself, Thinker.

  11. C'mon Lisa, anyone that's done so well on their diet can afford to fill some rodent underwear with chocolate strawberries.
    And are you telling me that you, of all people, don't know where this is?
    Such an easy one.

  12. You've got a point, Jodi, and I assume you're not guessing where this is?
    It's like not recognizing the Dells.

  13. Squirrel underpants?!--LOL! :)

    And hey, that picture you captioned "Hey lady, happy birthday, you want I should drive?" was hilarious--and would be a great candidate for Too funny! :)

  14. What? Cats laughing out loud?
    Beau was a sweet baby boy.

  15. I had to look again! Just so funny! We had some friends over today and were talking about my squirrel and such and I had to tell them about the underpants and they were all so confused! We all had a good laugh thinking about them!

  16. How is the little guy doing anyway?


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