Thursday, May 21, 2009

Half In The Bag: Day 1, Pt. 1

Mostly SixletsTower of Sixlets

I'm sure
the All Candy Expo isn't meant to be Halloween for adults, but with a full heart and an empty bag, how else could I have seen it?

SoCo, Guard Dog and Greeter

My neighbor, SoCo, was the first to take a good sniff of the bag; she rolled her head in it until spotting loose candy in the carpet like a black and tan hawk.
Her preference was for pretty much anything that could be hoovered up before humans could stop her. SoCo's menu included stray popcorn and Good & Fierys, fancy-colored Sixlets, and dog food flavored Bertie Botts (one of my personal favorites).
My dad used to hide tubes of Sixlets in his policeman's hat and do magic tricks for us. He'd wave his hand and candy would roll out of the inside band. To this day, I expect candy when I get pulled over. Not that I...get...forget it.

TracyThis is Tracy, my soon to be ex-neighbor. She was SoCo's pal and always very thin and very tan. Tracy is taste testing Tropical Chewy Lemonhead & Friends Fruit Candy. She found the Cherry Watermelon quite sour, and gave the .25 cent box an overall "Not bad." She prefers the original Lemonheads and who can blame her. I love the .25 cent box and would love them even more if they were a dime.
Tracy also revealed she drank one too many Peach Schnapps as a kid and was therefore repulsed by the Peach Mango flavor. For me it was Creme de Menthe in eighth grade. Shudder. Thanks Tracy, sorry to see you go.

Loose candy The thing about bringing stuff to my licorice loving, sugar happy Italian side of the family, you end up walking out the door with more stuff—picture frames, flower pots, cookbooks, spaghetti sauce, a loaf of bread, tea bags, and afghans (insert dog photo here). Sure, it's a good thing, unless you're trying to put a dent in an evil bag of sugar.
No, just say no. Except to cheese curls (one of my many weaknesses), thanks Jackie.

Brim's Crunchy Cheese CurlsNext up, one of our best and most enthusiastic taste testers, Jackie (with a special appearance by Clara).
The new blog name, btw: Inside The Cheddar Curtain

Note: If you think those decorator Sixlets in the Tower of Sixlets are cool—they are—here's where you can find them

Metro Candy & Nut
Oh! Nuts
Sweet Factory


  1. I love the Tower of Sixlets. That's pretty!

    So...Inside the Cheddar Curtain. Work it, woman!

  2. Inside the Iron Curtain Huh? Ya got me cravin' German/Russian cheese!
    Oh, heck I thought the Slavic side of the family was commin' out?
    I get it now. Had to google "cheese curtain"!
    "The divisions real and imagined that separate Wisconsin from neighboring states, especially Illinois."
    Can't stand those "Illy's" huh?
    OK, I gotta go temd to my yeast infection now!

  3. I'm ready for you to open those curtains baby!!!!!
    Your favorite Cheddaphile!!!!

  4. Yup, Andi, it expresses my being stuck here and sometimes loving it, the All Candy Expo (aka the end of the Dish), travel within the curtain, and my displeasure with FIBs and Cub fans.

  5. It's every ched's responsibility to do so, James.
    Got some salt coming your way for that, but I may not uncover your address without an effort, can you email it to me again?

  6. Nah, I'm already inside the Cheddar Curtain, so I'm going to have a little wine and a bite of curtain.

  7. You mean the Cheddar Curtain is real 0.o

    I thought you just wanted to use nifty fifties references and graffiti. (shows you what I know about Wisconsin other than the Dells (which were cool when I rode through on Amtrak) and obscure road kitsch)

    Sounds good. :)

  8. Indeed it is, Jodi. As well as imagined. (ooh an incomplete sentence)
    If it's inside the Ched Curtain, then chances are I'll use it.

  9. Wowzers! That's a lot of candy, woman! BTW, love the new blog title. T'is kewl...just like you.

    I want a tower of Sixlets in my living room. Would that be tacky? LOL!

  10. Not at all, I'd like to see them form a nice wooded area in the backyard.

  11. Oh dear, your post got me cravin'! But it's nice to see that you guys still have time for bonding. But I really can't stand those basket of goodies! Those sweet chocolates and candies that they are showing in the image! Oh I can't wait to buy some. Nice post ;)

  12. Thanks, Shania, I had to give most of it away before I totally lost my cool and tore through the whole thing.


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