Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The End Is Near

What better way to say "so long" than with this tribute to excess and greed, the All Candy Expo goody bag.

All Candy BagThe Wisconsin Candy Dish started as an MATC class project (it was supposed to last three months not three years) chosen from a few ideas ("Oi, not another movie blog").
Good choice fellow (is that sexist, I still don't know) Writing For The Web students from the Madison Area Technical College.
Here's the thing, it's nice outside and I'm restless. It might be another matter all together if I had a laptop...who am I kidding I'd still write about hitting the road, I'd just do it outside.
And like every dog I've ever known, there's no better going than going outside. (Don't start with the pee jokes, James.)

Cassville BoxersThe Cassville Four

So, its dogs, festivals, state parks, and treats (treat? treat?) on half a tank of gas and a poor sense of direction. I'm not going far, I'm just getting lost.
And I'm still looking for a name which says, fun, fur, and the Midwest—until I figure out the new software, modify the right template, and get a title and domain name, I'll post here.
A final thought from the Cassville Four to all the lurkers and no comment leaving, no photo credit giving cut and pasters

Funny boxer dogsBark off.


  1. Its sad to see the Dish coming to an end but I am excited to see what your moving on to!!

    It looks like you got a fantastic haul at the Candy Expo! DId you get to try the new range of 'pieces' coming out from Hersheys? The new fudge snickers bar?


  2. Beer for my Poodles, Whiskey for my women!

    Why is Blogging at the "Dish" like peeing in your pants?

    They both give you a nice warm feeling without making any sound.

    Cha Cha Bing Bod-a-boom!
    Have Cha Cha...Will Travel!

  3. ...Then again, Have Cha-cha will travel sounds good, too. Sheesh, who would have thought Road cheese would be taken. Have you tried finding it and seeing what it's about? I should do that. I'm stream of conscious-ing like Joyce, but it's a good thought.

    I love those old Jane and Michael Stern pictures where they're posing outside some totally whacked road sign or 50's era statue. And you're in such a good location.


    You're shutting down? Wah....

  4. WHAT!?!?!?! Say it ain't so, Jeanna!!!

    I got your message and was SHOCKED! The Dish was one of the very first blogs I frequented when I first started blogging! Ohhhh, I am crushed! Life will never be the same now. ;p

    Anyway, looking forward to your newest venture. Sending you off an e-mail as soon as I post this comment! XO

  5. Yeah, well, I was reading your email earlier today and trying to think of a name. More of an idea, really. You're going to have to get creative if you can't find the "name" or "title" you want available. Like how I did with my latest blog. I wanted to call it Moonburn, but that was already taken. So I tried some different variations and ended up with getmoonburned.

    You can use numbers, like From here 2 there, or Fur2Far or 2 for fur, URthere, stuff like that. endxend. Or...just use YOUR name as the domain or your nick name. Something short, easy, memorable. You can call the blog whatever.

    My main blog, Unhinged, is actually called stillunhinged because unhinged was already taken.

    Hope this helps, fur rambler!

  6. Hey Jim, I did indeed, it's really like Halloween for the over 15 crowd.
    I saw something on Cybele's blog and I don't even remember being at the Hershey's booth; then again it was a bit of a blur.
    Was at the Snickers booth, saw the new Fudge Snickers (one of my true candy bar irresistables) and grabbed something, but have yet to sort the bag. Have so far contained myself to a large Cow Pie and a semi melted After Eight mint.

  7. Maybe, James, because as much as I like Road Cheese, someone has gotten there first.
    What if something, God Forbid!, happens to Cha Cha? Then I've cursed her and our travels (still singing "Palladin").
    Very sweet pee reference, I shouldn't encourage you, should I?

  8. It's part of something called "Roadside America.com," Jodi, with a cool cheese themed logo about seven days in WI and the border states.
    You literary dog, you. Have Joyce and your book begging me to read them, but not calm enough to still still. Was able to get started on "Contract" on the treadmill and love it so far.
    Although I do feel as if I'm shutting down sometimes, I'm really moving it to a URL without the blogspot tag and trying to find something with a little less sugar. Also want it to match my Web site.
    Feel bad I haven't had time to stop by all my fav blogs, so hopefully will come up with something soon.

  9. Got your email, C. thanks for putting up with me, such a spaz am I.
    Don't remember you giving me a candy preference ~evil laugh~.
    Are you game for anything, woman? Remember, I was eating Baby Wipe flavored Jelly Bellys on Tuesday.

  10. Funny, Andi, I was thinking "Get Lost" but not sure how that would look on a business card. (Why in catspitholyhell would anyone want a business card from me? But they do.)
    Moonburn is an EXCELLENT name!
    Dang, I was playing with the word "fur" as well.
    "Fun, Fur, Candy" would be funfurcandy.com, but again, do I want candy in the title (fun, dogs, and sweets).
    I own my name as my domain name right now, but you don't think that's lame, and then the blog would be jeannaolson.com/blog or the like.
    I never work on my Web site, maybe I should.
    Actually "Rambler" would be great if I drove a Rambler.

  11. Alright
    I sent you a list of future blog names, but I like these two the best!
    My Cheesecake has a Yeast Infection


    My Badger has a Cheese Infection

  12. Maybe that was the Pillsbury Doughboy who had the yeast infection?
    My Beaver has a Yeast Infection?
    Leave it to Beaver! I mean stay away from infected beavers.

    Lordy.....I've gone from recycled urine to infected beavers?
    See what those dang astronauts have done to my brain with that damn recycled urine toast!

  13. wow...don't go! This is a real epidemic lately...I think you're the fourth or fifth of my favorite bloggers to go on hiatus in the last month. Do like I do... occasional, mediocre posts....they're better than nothing!
    Here's my suggestion for your new title:
    "Canine Apocalypse Roadtrip...with Candy"

  14. funfurcandy is pretty cool. But I like the whole use your name thing more. Maybe that's just me 'cause I'm invested in doing my name. I dunno.

    I checked out the road cheese--love kitschy stuff like that. :)

    I don't think you need a treadmill, just collapsible bags for when you visit stuff like the expo. (you evil woman. How could you put a link to such a nifty place? I sat there watching "Day Two at the Candy Expo" until I realized I'd been sitting there for twenty minutes, lol.

    Regardless. I'll follow you over to your site. :)

  15. What about My Dog Just Took A Cheese Whiz On Your Beaver?
    The list, btw, was hilarious. Especially at 3 am under the influence.
    You crack me the freak up, son.

  16. I have not heard of this recycled urine toast of which you speak, James.
    But I am intrigued, tell me more.

  17. Very good, Mary Ruth!

    I'm just trying to make it a little less about candy, but probably more about random food and nearby travel. Something tells me there will be plenty of sweets anyway.

    Besides, I want a better URL with no blogspot attached and the ability to keep my own photo album and Web site w/continuity.

  18. You did, maybe you can tell me what happened, because it was all a blur to me. I get the feeling you belonged there more than I did, but I'm a craven little coward so I went around like a crack addict on tester day.

    You really like the idea of your own name like Andi was saying? It works for you because you have a name, I, however, do not.

  19. So will be you a nomad, wandering aimlessly in Cha Cha? Route 66.......is much of it left? When you want a passenger to keep you company, let me know! After June 15 it's just me and Lou.

  20. Those whacko Rocketmen are drinkin' their own recycled urine in outerspace onboard the Space Station and Space Shuttles so they can save the cargo space for other important stuff and they drank a toast to each other with their own recycled piss to celebrate!

  21. You're picking up Luigi next week? He can ride in Roscoe's puppy spot till he gets bigger.
    You MUST pick up your DVD and the rest of those damn Garden Chips which I'm eating for breakfast, btw.
    Damn, Jackie with the cheese curls, Lucille with the videos and soda, I'm trying to slim down, dammit.
    You left me with that and more than half a bag of candy, what the f%$@—that's cruel.

  22. Oh, I thought that would kill you, dang. So not whole wheat bread or something.

  23. LOL! Funny...I can almost hear that evil laugh of yours! MUUUUAHAHAHAHA!

    I'm game for anything. "ANYTHING?" Remember that chocolate commercial with the devil saying "Anything?" in his evil tone? Wow. Was that in the 80s?? So long ago!

    Okay, I'm rambling.

  24. You got it, C.
    No, tell me more, I'm intrigued. Is that some weird Canadian thing?

  25. Jeanna,
    Congrats on making it to the Candy Expo! But so sad you're leaving!!! Keep us all posted!

  26. Hey Patti, good to hear from you, will let you know once inside the curtain.


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