Sunday, May 24, 2009

Making A Dent

Clara's ChoiceLet's see, a skateboard full of candy balls, save for ingrate kids, Dum Dums and Chick-O-Stick nuggets, ingrates, Turkish Taffy and Sixlets, Jeanna...

Cup of many colored SixletsKiss my candy coated shell Jess Ragan

Jelly Belly Soda Pop Shoppe... Jackie would like those. You know, I could do things with that skateboard, maybe I can snatch it while the humans are stuffing their faces with Red 40 and Yellow 6.

Clara, candy filled skateboardWatch out duck on water skiis.

Milk Chocolate Sun Maid RaisinsThese, and the Caramel Bugles were the biggest hits.
Sure, we all love Rasinets, or at least some of us love Rasinets, well, I love Rasinets, but Sun Maid Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins beat the grape out of them. The Sun Maid's were "good raisins," quite plump and savory.
I haven't seen them around, but I'll be stocking up on them when I do.
Meanwhile, here's a lovely recipe for Oatmeal-Milk Chocolate Raisin Cookies from Sun Maid.

Jelly Belly Soda Pop ShoppeClara was right, Jackie loved the Soda Pop Shoppes, finding them fun and spot on. She thought the Grape was outstanding and loved the Root Beer as well. I got hold of a Cherry Cola, which tasted like soda in a cool fountain glass. I found the Grape a little sour. I'm not saying this is new candy, it was in the evil bag of sugar so we ate it.

Herb-qWe weren't quite sure what this was, but I do know that Haitai is a Korean company and that Jackie liked them as cough drops, so cough drops they are.

Some of the Rest

Hot Shots cinnamon candyHot Shots Cinnamon Candy
Not hot enough, but passable. The container looks like a shotgun shell.

Zachary Mini CaramelsZachary Mini Caramels
Possibly the worst tasting brand in the bag, Jackie hated them and I took her word for it. I did, however, try their chocolate covered peanuts in a moment of weakness and found them fairly horrifying.

The Kerr's mint toffee was not a hit with Jackie (but I love, love, love their Butterscotch Drops).

Turtle Doves candyTurtle Doves Scripture Candy
Jackie found both the chocolate and caramel inferior. Part of the Christian candy culture, the package might be righteous, but the candy is purgatorial.

A Sixlet skyThanks for having us, girls, so much candy, so little time. It's onward and upward to Duck Creek Campground.
Can I get an Amen?


  1. All Zachary products are horrifying. With big capital letters and evil nasty sounds. Ugh. And their butter creams are worst of all.

    Wow, who'd have thunk caramel covered Bugles? I think I'll get some. Target has a sweet and salty snack mix with these corn chex I really like. It'd be great if I could just find a package of the chex without all the other stuff.

    Chili covered lollipops...? I dunno. Maybe (not). :)

  2. I think a bottle of wine and heaps of recreational drugs may wash them down; not that I'm speaking from experience, I just heard is all.

    They're good, man.

    You should be getting your little package any day now. Sorry no time to chat on your blog, I miss doing so.


  3. package arrived. mm taffy. must scarf. will let you know how it all turns out.

  4. Hey Jill, I forgot to mail the flavor key with it, got it downstairs if you want to match colors and flavors.

  5. I got it today, thank you, Jeanna--trust me, I have no time for my blog right now either. It's finals.

    I laughed myself silly with the jelly beans in the flavor of all your sins. And the fish mints. TOO cool. I love that tin. The mints, maybe not so much, although they're suitably fire-y :) And Jolt gum? Pretty nifty. I'm chewing right now. Why can't they have AMP gum? Someone (like me) should complain.

    I'll eat some jelly beans and think about you. :)

  6. Hope you jolt through your finals, Jodi. Now what could your sins be, eh?

  7. Love this post! I've never heard of chocolate covered Bugles! That's almost as foreign to me as chocolate covered pretzels! I'm a bit weird with the mixing of sweet and savoury or sweet and salty. I know that the marriage of those flavours can exist, but still!

    Then again, I've eaten chocolate covered chili covered dried mangoes and liked them! It is an acquired taste and took some getting used to. Yes, the dried mango was dusted with hot chili powder and then covered in chocolate. Sounds odd, but surprisingly yummy.

  8. "the package might be righteous, but the candy is purgatorial."

    LOVE, love, love your candy reviews! LOL!

  9. Gotta package in the mail today!
    It looks like something to sprinkle on my nutz?!!!!LOL!
    What's the gum for? Are you saying I have bad breath? Or is that to get the taste of the beer salt outta my mouth?

  10. I meant to say "caramel covered Bugles" and not "chocolate". Gah.

    LOL! Leave it to Jimmy to find something to sprinkle on his nutzzz! Love ya, Jimbo! XO

  11. lol, I have the sin of pride. In the package, it says it's the red jelly bean. It's funny how they don't have a tutti frutti jelly bean for the sin of gluttony. :)

  12. Oh no, C. you're the one that should have gotten all the chili suckers! Those kids were such little woosaroos when sampling a few south of the border treats; and something that may or may not have contained an insect.
    Next time it all goes to you, woman.

  13. It was in case you needed fresh breath during or after drinking, Jamesbo.
    You sprinkle it wherever the mood stikes you, son.

  14. You should eat more red ones, then oh humble one.
    Do you have the sin of writing a review for me with photos when you're done with your finals?
    No gluttony, what if you buy in bulk?

  15. I don't know, C. maybe beer salt and nutz do go together, but...shudder.
    The chocolate peanut butter Bugles were okay, especially if you like Puppy Chow, but I'm watching for the Caramel, so very good.
    XO to all up yonder. Be able to visit more often once I file the next story, catch up on posts (I'm putting up last Monday's today), and get the Cheddar Curtain going. Still don't know which software to use. You did the new layout on your blog yourself?

  16. I laughed the entire way through this entry. You sure have a way with words, Silver Fingertips Jeanna. Your candy reviews are always so much fun to read.

    Ye be possessed. That's probably why.

  17. Hey I sent a few items to you, Andi, but couldn't find anything worthy, Unhinged One.
    I'd like to send some stuff from my fav downtown Dells candy shop if you're up to another guest post.


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