Saturday, May 16, 2009

On The Road Again

These gummi fish are pointing the wrong way because I was in Lake Geneva today (and saw some great candy and lots of water), but I forgot to bring my camera—let that be a lesson to you all.
Meanwhile enjoy some X-Ray Fish and a map.
The fish, btw, are tasty for novelty candy, quite fruity and hold up well to travel and being photographed on hot rocks and lichen.
Next stop, Chocolate Fest.


  1. Ah-HAH! You're back.

    Those gummi fish look interesting. I have this friend who loves sushi (what I call dead fish) and this would be PERFECT for her! LOL.

  2. I got these in Galena, but you can get them online, Andi.
    I looked up our fav blog titles and the domain names are taken, even "Road Cheese!"

  3. You, me, a tank full of gas and a couple of dogs...and candy...and we're all set ;) Although, you wouldn't want to travel with me, as my sense of direction leaves a lot to be desired. Those fish pointing the wrong way on the map have better direction than I do! ;) XO

  4. Better than smelling them, James.

  5. Those fish and Chance have a better sense of direction than I do. Maybe there's a chip we can get implanted, C.
    I got lost on my way to the fitness center on Tuesday and ended up in Lake Geneva (home of the Playboy Mansion). I got lost in the trade show parking lot and ended up on the street somewhere in Chicago (still don't know which street).


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