Saturday, May 02, 2009

Traveling Sugar: The Tailgate Edition

Strawberry Milkshake OreosThis post is brought to you by Strawberry Milkshake Oreos, the cookie that only I seem to like, and Starburst FaveReds, "The Fruit Punch tastes like air freshener." (Carol)
She's right, that leaves watermelon, which is a little dull and unimpressive, and two of the original flavors, the robust cherry and the tempestuous strawberry, my personal favorite.
They're Starbursts, nothing new here, but they make excellent travel candy, especially if you plan to stop somewhere to nosh (because you have to unwrap them). The entire box would be strawberry if I had my way.

Carol and FaveRedsSometimes the point of hitting the road is to grab whatever you can as fast as you can in order to sit in a parking lot for two hours in the rain. Both the Oreos and Starbursts do well in damp weather.

Brats and BlatzSauerkraut does not improve the taste of Fruit Punch Starbursts, but brats and Strawberry Starbursts seem quite compatible. Then again what isn't compatible with brats?

Brats on the grillIf you don't already have beer and brats in the fridge you must be from Illinoise.
Q: Why is it only Cubs fans are FIBS?

Hates CubsA: Because White Sox fans are intelligent and loyal and they smell like they just had a bath.

RoscoeSince there are Cubs fans in the family and my birthday is this Sunday, I'll try to be positive and mature. Let's know what I like about Cubs fans, you don't see them north of Sparta.
What else, what else...if you're shopping for fan wear and ask the clerk for something expressing your displeasure with the Cubs, you'll be provided with both merchandise and a handshake.

FIB Nanci, who promised to leave her Cubs paraphernalia (which fills a small warehouse) at home, kept saying the Strawberry Milkshake Oreos tasted too much like strawberry milkshakes. Ahem. I was the only one not drinking (at that point).

Cookie lipsI loved them, but no one else did. I thought they were a perfect one cookie snack because they're chocolatey sinful, crunchy, and creamy. The center tastes richly strawberry, but doesn't overwhelm after shoving a handful in your mouth. One what now?

Carol and Oreo cookieCarol didn't seem to care for them at all. She is, however, a fan of

Heavenly Roasted NutsHeavenly Roasted Nuts

All jokes easily exploited by Jimmy aka Poodle Bitch aside, the Brewers may often stink, but these nuts smell like a piece of heaven got hit by a wild pitch and fell through the dome.
So if you forget your Starbursts or Strawberry Milkshake Oreos, know that inside there's a sack of nuts with your name on it.

Photo of me by Nanci


  1. All my favorite things, cookies, dogs & candy in one post.

  2. Haha, me too Cybele, but I'd have to throw beer and brats on that warm and fuzzy pile.

  3. This looks like a great time and I totally agree that anything goes well with brats!

  4. Except a sensible diet, Pam.

  5. Mmmm. I like nuts more than candy. Shut up, Jimmy. ;)

    I guess I'm from Illinois, because I don't have brats OR beer in my fridge. Or, perhaps I'm from California, because I do have white wine and vegetables in my fridge. And a chicken, but it's not organic, so I'm not in Marin County.

    Tomorrow is my husband's birthday, too! Yay birthdays! We're celebrating Cinco de Mayo style, with Mexican food. Mmmm. Happy Birthday!

  6. You're takin' about sniffin' nutz and your wooried I'm gonna exploit that?
    You know Phil don't cha?

  7. Happy birthday to your hubby, J.
    No organic chicken, eh, shame on you for not being either richer, or more PC. Do organic chickens feel more at one with themselves on a plate of noodles?
    I'm celebrating by trying not to get another speeding ticket—we'll see how that one goes tomorrow.

  8. Of course you are, why aren't you? Phil who? My cousin?

  9. Happy Birthday! Catch a rattler for me--and kill it. One less rattler is always a good thing.

    I had to laugh at the idea of you strangling Studs Terkel wannabes, but er...your sack of nuts made me spew vitamin water (yeah, I'm weak. No beer or sausage in the fridge, but I have vitamin water and New Jersey pork roll. I dunno what that says about where I live, just that there's an East Coast ex-pat store down in Seattle)

    y'know? I looked at those strawberry milkshake Oreos. I wasn't sure. Now I'm still not sure.

  10. Thanks, Jodi. I will name it after you and make kootchy sounds if I see one. After today's speeding ticket, that will be one expensive ass rattler.
    New Jersey pork roll, why am I thinking of Tony Soprano?
    You should have heard this guy, Jodi, rambling on and on in narrative style about how to ride your damn bike in the snow. I know how to ride my bike in the winter, put it in the garage. There's no hippie like a Madison hippie.
    Not in a good mood, birthday in 44 minutes, speeding ticket in glove compartment. And they're so smug telling you how much it would have cost if blahtity blah blah bite me.
    No one liked those Oreos but me, although Nanci seemed to think they were okay with Leinies.

  11. I can't believe you fell for that?
    "Phil who?"

    Phil deez nutz!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!

    Consider yourself exploited!!!!!ROFLMAO!!!!!

  12. Okay, but considering it's my birthday you can do better.

  13. Happy Birthday my Darlin'

    Here's some mix matched song lyrics that I wish I could be there to serenade you with!!


    I serenade you

    Nuts! Hot nuts!
    Anybody here wanna buy my nuts?
    Selling nuts, hot nuts
    I've got nuts for sale
    These nuts I got they just won't slow
    If you eat 'em once, you will eat some mo'
    Selling nuts, hot nuts,
    You buy 'em from the peanut man

    And you sing back

    Got out late last night, in the rain and sleet
    Tryin' to find a butcher that grind my meat
    Yes I'm lookin' for a butcher
    He must be long and tall
    If he want to grind my meat
    Cause I'm wild about my meat balls

    A no good man but he's so doggone stout
    Before he starts to grindin' he's all worn out
    Somebody send me a butcher
    He must be long and tall
    If he want to grind my meat
    Cause I'm wild about my meat balls

    He can clean my fish, even pick my crabs
    But what I need is my meat ground bad
    Yes I'm lookin' for a butcher
    He must be long and tall
    If he want to grind my meat
    Cause I'm wild about my meat balls


    You're on a keep singin to me.....

    I've got a range in my kitchen, sho' bakes nice and brown.
    All I need is a Poodle Bitch daddy to turn my damper down

    And my stove is automatic, you don't have to burn wood or coal
    Just light that match baby, and stick right in the hole

    And it's yas yas baby, my stove is all cleaned out.
    I always keep it in good condition, you know what I'm talkin' about

    Mmmmm... my pot is boiling low (
    If you can't keep it percolatin', Baby I swear you'll have to go

    I don't want no charcoal, if you can't bake my biscuits brown.
    Where's my Poodle Bitch daddy to turn my damper down


    and I sing back to you

    Take it easy greasy, love me 'till I get enough
    Take it easy greasy, now baby don't you get so rough
    Hug me honey, squeeze me tight
    You need not hurry 'cos you got all night, so
    Take it easy greasy, love me 'till I get enough (I got to have it)
    Love me till I get enough

    Take it easy greasy, love me till I get enough
    Take it easy greasy, now baby don't you get so rough
    Sweet as candy in a candy shop
    I'm just your Poodle Bitch lollypop, so
    Take it easy greasy, love me 'till I get enough (I got to have it)
    Love me till I get enough

    Take it easy greasy, love me till I get enough
    Take it easy greasy, now baby don't you get so rough
    The jaybird say to the peckerwood,
    Now I'll let you peck just like a pecker should, but
    Take it easy greasy, love me 'till I get enough (I got to have it)
    Love me till I get enough


    Compliments of me and "Lil Johnson"

  14. Well haii there, Birthday Girl! Happy, happy, joy, joy.

    I'm in Cali now, so my fridge is kind of bare (the prices out here and all, yanno), but I've got fruit and avocados out the wazoo.

    I'm really from Indiana, though, and there was always city chicken and a skirt stake or two in the freezer.

    My mom's friend from New York introduced us to Speedies. Them's chicken, pork or beef marinated in the best kinda stuff, then skewered and grilled. God, I miss 'em.

    I wouldn't touch those Oreos. They look gross.

  15. Poodle Bitch Daddy (and Lil Johnson), I am humbled and pleased.
    "Nuts! Hot nuts!
    Anybody here wanna buy my nuts?"
    Glad I'm broke son.
    Is that Peanut Man wearing a large, open raincoat?
    It's true, I am wild about my meatballs.
    Ain't you a sweet lil' southern boy!

  16. Hey Andi, thanks.
    Fruit is good, but aren't avocados fattening? Gimme a bucket of RR1 cheese corn, babi.
    City chickens? Do they smoke and refuse to yield the right of way?
    The Oreos were good, great with tea or coffee. The Speedies sound good too, but my grill is out of commission.
    What are they marinated in?

  17. First off--happy birthday!
    Looks like you had a great time at the Brewer game...those brats sure looked good.
    If you look at the pic of the lady licking the Oreo middle--see that old mansion building in the background? That's where I used to go toboganning when I was a kid. Old soldiers lived in that place.
    I partied with some Madison people this weekend--good times!

  18. Well, we do live in Illinois, but we have hot links and beer in the fridge--does that count? :) (I'm originally from Wisconsin, so we must always have at least one kind of sausage, cheese, and beer in the fridge. *grin*)

  19. I don't think I would like them as I don't like strawberry milkshakes. :) But your post gave me tummy aches with all that food!

  20. I wondered what that path was back there, M.R., thought it was just another parking lot, but the building looked intriguing (the cookie licker is me).
    Those brats were too good, wanted to pick up some of the best you'll taste at the Meat Market in New Glarus yesterday, but they were closed (wah).
    Yes, Madtowners know how to party.

  21. That's not all that healthy, Miss H.P., and the beer counts, not sure about the hot links, I supposed if you put cheese on 'em or you're from eastern WI over by Mawaukee der.
    Where are you from?

  22. Hi Lisa, you need to live in WI a little longer to realize those were just appetizers before the game.

  23. Jessica5:35 PM

    I totally love your blog!!

  24. Thanks, Jessica.

  25. LOL! OMFG, Jeanna! This post is fantastic!

    Funny how the mere mention of the word "nuts" made me think immediately of Jimmy making some smart comment about nuts (and not the ones that come in a hard shell). LOL!

    As for strawberry milkshake Oreos...We don't have them here in Canada (yet), but I don't know how I feel about them. I mean, the original Oreo is so good! Why mess with perfection? I closed minded or what?

    Jeanna, I just posted a post in chocolate for you :)

  26. Shoot. That should have read *I just posted a post ON cocolate for you...or ABOUT chocolate*, If I had posted it IN chocolate, that would have been even more impressive! ;p

  27. That's true, C., but I like the idea of a strawberry milkshake wrapped in a cookie.
    I expected a stream of comments as well. I did appreciate the serenade.
    I wanted to see how you completely redid your blog in chocolate!

  28. Hey Jeanna have you ever tried the Mint Creme before? I just wrote my review on them myself and thought they were soooo good!


  29. I'll check it out, Jim, I'm thinking I may have, although I normally draw the line at York Peppermint Patties, mint wise. But you know, that flavor chocolate and mint may be good.

  30. I saw a better poster last night-it's nice of me to even repeat this-(if I had a camera I'd have a picture)

    Cuck the Fubs

    There was no standing on the bleachers and cheering at this game.We all sat in an orderly fashion after an event that earned a standing applause or would be approached by the usher. He was a busy man.

  31. Did they stop morons from screaming in your ear?
    Good slogan, got to talk to my Sox buddy at the auto parts store in SP tonight. Almost got red flame floor mats and seat covers for Cha Cha.

  32. mm A WHOLE damn. sorry. a whole box of strawberry starbursts that would be quite awesome. I agree the punch flavor tastes yucky and the watermelon isn't much different than the gum. might as well get the regular flavors and suffer through the lemon pucker, at least you get the orange that way...mmm bursty!

  33. Hey, I love the lemon, Jill, but go for the cherry or the delectable strawberry too.
    I saw some cute Starburst tins at the big show the other day, will have to put up some photos.


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