Thursday, May 28, 2009

Child's Play

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the woods or well appointed campground, it's time to

Return to Camp Candy

Justin, Melissa, Ghost suckerNo bottle and no nap make Justin something something.

Justin, Ghost Sucker, Cha Cha He loved his Ghost sucker from the Expo. At this point I have no idea who makes it, so enjoy this photo of Halloween Dots instead. I think the Bats and Candy Corn are new. Anyone?

Halloween DotsI may have seen the Ghost Dots around, they're clear and assorted fruit flavors. It's a fun idea and if they really glowed in the dark I'd place them around the house all year round. The black Bat Dots are Blood Orange—cool, no?

Melissa, Ice Cream CandyIf you think you missed the summer, you just may live in Wisconsin. But has it really started until you've had a Bee International's Strawberry Chocolate Ice Cream Candy in Real Wafer Cone?
Melissa was quite pleased with the tiny strawberry rice cake-tasting balls covered in chocolate. Blech. She unwrapped and ate the thing so quickly I barely snapped this shot.

Melissa,chocolate faceGive me a pack of Now and Laters any day.

Mark,Now and Later Mark is showing you a Peach Smash Now and later. He seemed to enjoy them while we enjoyed his t-shirt.

Brooke and BrianaYes, I too thought Persona. Brooke (eating a Now and Later) and Briana are twins. Of all the candy in the evil bag of Expo sugar, Now and Laters were the most popular.

Row of Now and LatersThe befuddled young man at this Farley's & Sathers Expo booth was coming unglued when I stopped by. A few adults and teenagers were playing with a display toy and had that maybe I'll take one of everything attitude. It was a great distraction while I did just that.
I'd kept most of these "samples" for myself, but brought them along in case the campers demanded more sugar (they did).

Collin,Pucker PowderIs it candy or is it Art? Why, it's candy art. (I so wish his name was Art, but it's Collin.)
Collin was the lucky recipient of a tube of Pucker Powder and he loved it. Why not, it's colorful, sweet and sour, and now comes with an easier to lock and load cap. (I found the new tube more difficult to fill and close.)

Blue Raspberry Pucker PowderI had my first taste of Pucker Powder at the Candy Corner in, where else, the Wisconsin Dells before I started this blog which feels like so very long ago will the month of May never end.

Collin,suckerHe also enjoyed this Mexican sucker—where does one get the idea that chilis, tamarind, and insects make for good lollipops. Neither of us could read the label which was probably for the best, but doesn't say much for the state of primary education.

Jarm Brain Power PotionHere's another colorful candy powder which appeals to bracelet wearing, magic loving kids who like to eat their jewelry. The Jarm Real Magic Potion display was at the beginning of the All Candy maze and featured a smoking caldron.

Diamond,Jarms braceletTry to read the label on this Brain Power Lucky Candy Potion before it gets shredded. It talks about giving kids bursts of energy before a test or game, and suggests you wear it for several days to let the magic soak in. You disconnect one end when you need that special boost.
Does any of that seem a little Transpotting, Witchboard, Requiem For A Dream to you? Is it me?
Diamond, who was initially all "I don't want any candy" (she cracks me up), had better things to do than read labels or wear Red 40 around her arm. She's a firm believer in creating her own magic.

The gang at Duck Creek CamproundThat about wraps it up, puts it in a plastic bag, and stores it in a cool dry place until next time.
From the Dish and the gang at Duck Creek:

Go outside and play!

Click here if video loads too slowly

Animation courtesy of Ronald Mavignier and Image Chef


  1. Wow!! What an amazing stash of goodies!!! I'm very jealous!

  2. I love those Random candies you were talking about on your blog, you guys have the best stuff over there.
    It took my best effort to get rid of my stash before I went nuts and ate the whole thing.
    Maybe you can be on the mailing list next time.

  3. How did I miss this one? Justin does not look happy at all! Pucker Powder sounds very intriguing! I bet kiddies follow you everywhere!

  4. Oh Justin, at first I thought you meant Collin, but he really did need a nap. He's pretty happy as long as he's around Diamond and Melissa and granny (wearing yellow Crocs).
    I planned all the posts out for the end of May and am just now publishing, Lisa.
    I most def bit off more than I can chew, but thought I'd go out with a bang.

  5. Oh! I LOVE this post! Candy! Candy! Candy!

    Sadly enough, I have that exact same Bart Simpson t-shirt that one of those kids is sporting! *sigh* I remember going through a "I'm Bart Simpson...Eat my shorts" phase. Well, not really. I did have the t-shirt though.

    So, that dream of Napoleon Dynamite...Crazy or what? LOL!

  6. On an entirely different topic...A friend of mine kept calling "Neapolitan" Ice Cream "Napoleon" Ice Cream! GAH!!! I cannot tell you how much that bugs me. It's right up there with "I SEEN a bear yesterday"!!!!

  7. He's a very forceful personality, C., but you chose the lesser of the two movies to dream about, so that makes it even funnier.
    Actually, I laughed a lot through Blades of Glory.
    Great t-shirt, I have a t-shirt wish list going, the one I referred to in this post, What Is Art? is one of them. And then a good sixties Batman t-shirt and a "Fuck 'em Bucky" t-shirt.

  8. But you almost seen a bear yesterday, no? There was a girl in grade school who talked like that and also said "eg" instead of the regional "aahg." ("egg")
    Does the ice cream come in a small container with a complex named after itself?

  9. I know a few gals named "Candy".
    Camp Candy? A penny for your thoughts?
    I seen a few Candy's I'd like to camp with!

  10. Jeanne - I laughed when I read "you guys have the best stuff over there." Whenever I want decent candy I always end up at an expensive import store or department store buying all the yummy things from the United States or elsewhere!

    The Randoms though are very good, so I shouldn't complain too much.

  11. As long as you don't tell C. you seen a bear yesterday.

  12. I'll pass that on to Jeanne, Cinabar.
    Shudder, no, I had an Aunt Jeanne, she was a sweetie.
    I love Fry's Turkish Delight and Violet Crumble and Smarties and such. You can't really go wrong with Brit beer or candy I always say.

  13. Witchboard! Witchboard! Talk about old-tyme cheesy movies. Unhook that bracelet and let it talk to you.

    Ohhh, you said the words, "Violet Crumble". Delicious. I wish they'd make little crumble minis.

  14. I'd hate to encourage candy makers to reduce the size of their product, but if I come across any I'll let you know. Thought I'd seen some mini Dairy Milk products at World Market.
    Now I've a hankering to rent Witchboard.

  15. LOL!!! OMG, Jeanna! I was going to say that I nearly pissed in my pants laughing as I read through your comments, but I knew you'd make fun of me.

    *sigh* Yes, I have come to the conclusion that the best part of blogging isn't the actual posts, but the comments that follow.

    Little One sends her hugs to her fave Ched in the world. xo

  16. Of course I would, something about LO making it look like so much fun.
    Kisses back.

  17. You wouldn't happen to have any more pictures from Camp Candy, would you? You could make it a mini-series--Revenge of the Son of the LoveChild of Camp Candy, Camp Candy--the Awakening. :) Camp Candy Part Xll The Return of Red Forty.

  18. Great titles, I may have to nick one or two from you.
    "The Awakening" would have been great when we went camping as teenagers. We woke up late and grumpy to old man Schnick's runny eggs and smooshed Wonder Bread. That, was a horror story.
    I do have photos, always more photos, and will go back again when I finally put the infernal month of May to rest.
    The Return of Red 40 would make a great name for a band.

  19. I've never seen a Jarm before. I wonder if we get them in Canada? As a kid, I was one of those candy bracelet wearing kids. Oh, and Ring Pops! I used to love those. There's something about being a kid and being able to eat your jewelry. Now that I'm an adult, I don't do that. Imagine eating a big fat diamond? Well, I married a farmer, so no big fat diamond for me. LOL! ;) xo

  20. But plenty of good food and lovin', C.


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