Monday, February 02, 2009

Oh My

Those dirty birds almost gave me an episode.
We here at The Dish can hardly speak after screaming at Unky Ray's giant TV for three hours. We are physically and emotionally washed out.
Even without my beloved Alan Fanny whom I believe to be another victim of Brett Favre's midlife crisis, our boys prevailed.
Hot holy pickled sweet dills, that, boys and girls, was a GAME. I hope all the lovely people of Las Vegas, Nevada will recover soon.

Steeler's hatAnd while some of us are preparing to go to traffic court in Wauwatosa, my daughter Margaret and her Girl Scouts have put together some lovely valentines for the candy contest.
Here is one of my favorites, Arrows

Girl Scout valentineMade from candy message hearts, red sugar, green M&Ms, jimmies, edible glitter, yarn, stickers, stars, and candle wax, with crayon, pen, a stencil, construction paper, and found art, this lovely entry is a front runner. (A few PhotoShop filters were used in post production.)
Thank you, Girl Scouts, we will post your other entries soon.


  1. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Hey, Jeanna!
    I MISS YOU! I haven't been able to spend as much time online now that Little One has decided that she wants to be fed EVERY hour!!!!

    I don't know why, but all of a sudden I am craving Girl Scout cookies!

  2. Hey little mama! I've been holding on to a congrats baby card for you until you got home. Is there anything else you're craving? I just missed buying some cookies off the Girl Scouts, dang. I wonder if they're in stores. If they have any left over or I see them I'll snag some for you.

  3. Almost makes me wish I had watched the game? Not!

  4. Funny that people scream at tvs! Not that I would do that. ;0) Cute creation! And edible too?

  5. Well that is just too pathetic to comment on, James.

  6. Seems pretty edible, Lisa, they all are made with candy.
    Hey, I'll have to post or send you that mouse thing, I bet you'll know what it is.

  7. OH.

    I am soooo craving Girl Scout cookies now and I'm not even pregnant anymore! LOL! Funny how anything sweet during my pregnancy repulsed me, but now that I'm not pregnant anymore...bring on the chocolate, yo!

    Okay, I've got to stop adding "yo" to the end of my sentences.

  8. I think you're making up for lost time, C.

  9. An "episode!?" HA! I just love yer mid-west colloquialisms Hon!

    Hot holy pickled sweet dills!!!....really I DO!!! xoxo

  10. That's my re-imagining of Grandma Olson. She was known for her pickled dills, kind of a joke ya see doncha know.


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