Wednesday, February 11, 2009


HeartsQuite the contrary, but I like the title. These two are from Nitro Nanci sent as all kinds of goofy-ass word files. Love the black stabby hearts. Remember, the images are clickable to get a better view.

Hearts and poems
And this mildly threatening entry from Aunt Em followed the only rule of the contest, create a valentine related to candy.
B mine Valentine or else is made from M&Ms, pink construction paper, ink, and PhotoShop filters.

MMs Valentine
As far as candy not used for valentine making, I'm noshing on heart shaped Junior Mints and black Kookaburra licorice, mostly because as Mel Brooks said, "I knew it, I'm surrounded by Assholes!"
It's better than smoking.
Read Cybele's review of the Junior Mints if you can't fathom what a heart shaped one tastes like. It's the same thing with a little different texture and a slight crunch around the edges due to its larger size. And they bleed red, which is nice.
A few more valentines to come, but if Teresa is lurking, my top priority is writing about outdoor summer activities for the entire family, honestly it is.
I'm thinking of running a What the Hell Kind of Car Should I Get That I Can Afford and It's Got to be a GM contest. I'd offer my maligned Taurus wagon as a prize, but that got towed away yesterday.
Sniff. Wonder if there's an engine that runs on sugar.


  1. That looks great! Well, I made Valentine cards, but they're all paper, no candy, the candy is in the belly. :)

  2. oh my God--I just read your link to me, and burst out laughing so hard I squirted Vitamin water out through my nose and all over my keyboard. Gross. And you can imagine why, so I won't go there.

    I like the way you think, Jeanna

    lol, bleeding hearts. I'd get them for my cp if he wasn't in another state--it loses punch when you can't deliver a joke in person.

  3. I bet they look great, Lisa. The girls were going to town on the candy when they made these according to Aunt Em.

  4. Vitamin water, well that's not an energy drink, is it? Keyboards get dirty so maybe that's a good thing. Or not.
    There's a bakery called Bleeding Hearts in Chicago I was linking to until I found out public health closed them down for a bit. Maybe they actually served them or blood pudding or some such thing.
    Still loving that photo of you.

  5. "Heartless-Heartless! Never, never out of control
    Heartless-Heartless! Ya keep on sinnin' in the name of a-rock and roll
    Heartless-Heartless! Ya think he's gonna bare his empty soul?
    He never realized, the way love dies when you crucify it's soul"

    You would be better off to buy a used Honda off the GM car lot than a new GM!!!!!!!
    Did you say "Heartless"?

  6. why you have to be so Dr. Evil?

  7. Geeze Louise! I oughta know not to read your danged blog if I have to pee.


    I like the purple heart. It eeespressez my feelings exactly on this frickenly-frackingly Singles Awareness Day.

    Bite me, kiss me, hug me.

  8. Hell, woman, considering I pee like an 80-year-old (race horse), I wouldn't be able to read a box of cereal.
    See, to me it means getting the last two valentines posted and a Sunday deadline.
    I like the one about germs too, although I think asking for ten bucks for a good time is selling yourself short.

  9. Happy Valentines from Dr. Evil!!!!!!Bawaaahhaahhhaa!

    You don't like the old gal band "Heart"?

  10. Sure I love the sisters, they helped me win many a foosball game on the shiny old greens and fancy new browntops.
    But I do live in 2009,——insert hip hop profanity here.
    Gotta show Kanye some love too, after all, it is the coldest story ever told.

  11. Sorry...I can't get into Kanye.....sounds like some of that trunk thumpin chit the local punks blast through your house as they do their drive bys! The little "Heartless bastards"!!!

  12. We like our Saturns. The Vue would probably be better in the snow, plus you can get heated seats.
    RIP Lux.

  13. You do like the Saturn? Now some of the write ups were not flattering, especially about the Vue.
    The Vue and HHR are supposed to have a visibility problem, and since my eyesight stinks, that's a concern.
    I was surprised to hear that he died, sad, listening to a lot of Cramps today.

  14. Jeanna--we were listening to The Cramps in the Vue today..LOL
    My 2005 ION is fine, and I have a 60-mi RT freeway commute. The SO's 2003 VUE does have some fancy engine or trans, is not 4WD, and we've never had a bit of trouble. There is a little visual obstruction on the front pillars, but I love the side and rear visibility.
    Keep in mind they might "retire" the Saturn line though.
    Love the blog!

  15. You like those Saturns, doncha, Mary Ruth?
    I had no idea they were retiring the line, I thought it was so successful! Same for the Buick LaCrosse and the PT Cruiser. But then again that's what they said about the Taurus, especially the wagon, and viola, behold the Taurus X.


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