Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two Buck Blech

$2 Buck chocHow bad is this 14 oz bar of chocolate? When I was shooting it (not a bad idea), a young American Bulldog named Bella interrupted her walk to make sure I didn't eat it.
Remember, a dog's sense of smell is a thousand times more sensitive than ours.

Bella dogBella, dog on a mission
"Stop rrright therre, maam."

On a positive note, it doesn't smell as bad as it tastes, at least to humans. After Bella knocked me down like a bodyguard taking a bullet, she buried it and helped me come up with a list of things that taste better than $2 Buck Choc.

Chocolate piece☠The wrapper it came in
☠Tree bark
☠Yellow snow
☠Bella's leash
☠Dirty dog paw
☠TV remote
☠Half eaten tennis ball
☠Cigarette butts
☠Sweater Lint
☠A light-up Frisbee
☠Galvanized rubber
☠List items partially digested in a dog's stomach, regurgitated, then re-eaten


  1. OMG...Your description almost made me hurl. LOL!

    Who would have thought that it would be possible to make bad chocolate?!?! Bad chocolate = sacrilegious!

  2. Hey C., I think you could use it as a joke to give to a chocolate snob or someone from Europe.
    I'm watching Frozen River right now, have you seen it? I think you'd like it.

  3. Jeanna that chocolate looks absolutely awful!! When dogs turn their noses up at food you know it has to be bad :D


  4. Not only that, Jim, but she really did jump up on me and the picnic table the chocolate was on, and seemed to be telling me something.

  5. Bella knows best! Purty girl!

  6. She was a wildly friendly little girl.

  7. Hey, Jeanna!
    Haven't seen Frozen River. About to Google it now.

    As for your two buck blech, I was about to send (in that package that is STILL sitting on my office desk in our house that we haven't been able to move back into yet!) some chocolate from my nieces' basketball fundraiser. It's truly BLECH!!! I didn't think that it was possible to make bad chocolate, but it was BAD.

  8. P.S. I was about to send it to you as a joke...not because I think you should have icky tasting chocolate ;p

  9. Hey Little Mama, sitting here in pants that were baggy a few months ago (the top button is now undone) I'm thinking bad candy would be a lot better than good.
    I cheered and applauded Frozen River when I watched it yesterday on DVD. Then I cried a little. Must be the change.
    They smuggle people over the river from Canada to New York and it could be anywhere north of here, especially with the Native American and bingo aspect of it. Not to mention she goes looking for cars and mentions something about being too fat to fit behind the wheel of some car, lol. And needs glasses to count money and take messages.
    FR should be used in film school as an example on how to make a movie.
    That first shot will break your heart. I might buy it so I can watch it again with the director's comments on.

  10. Good to know -although I'm not so sure about the yellow snow. :)

  11. Good Lord, Jeanna! I just had to write a post especially for you! LOL!

  12. LOL, Lisa, I'd think you would have seen a lot of that as much as you're outside.

  13. Intriguing, C. That's a great combination, consistency and flavor wise. I never did much with custard—let's hope James doesn't read that one.
    Haven't seen that powder in the stores, could you use dried pudding mix? And what do you do to prevent cracking when you cut it?
    It makes sense this comes from up north considering the ingredients.
    (No, Lisa, not yellow snow.)

  14. Hah! Jeanna, the manufacturers want you to return the uneaten portion of the candy bar...

    $2 Buck Blech. I'm going to be laughing about this one today!

    It's too bad that it wasn't good, though, because what a deal this would have been.

  15. Hey UH,
    The uneaten portion was pretty much the whole damned thing. It may have been okay to bake with. They also have dark chocolate and peanut butter and I bet there's a purpose for them or they couldn't sell.
    I'm thinking the peanut butter in a cookie or bar could be okay, but then again I have no intention of finding out.

  16. "I never did much with custard"
    I don't get it? Are you saying you cant mut the custard?
    C's Nanaimo looks purty good don't it?

  17. So you did see it, eagle eyes. Nice you went for the wordplay instead of the lowest d. But then again, I'm the lowest d. (Used to be double d.)
    Oh, Jimbo, is it weird to ask to drive the car you're going to buy before you buy it if it's new?
    They guy acted like it was an unreasonable request.

  18. Jeanna
    That is weird that they won't let you drive the car you want to buy?
    I drove every new car that I ever bought unless they just didn't have the particular color that I was looking and had to bring it in from another dealer!

    I had a friend who got an unbelievablely low quote from a salesman one time and asked to keep the car overnight.
    He drove the car about 4 hours away to visit his grandmother just to put some miles on it.

    He got back to the dealer the next day. They said they goofed on the quoted price and it would be almost $1000 more than the original quote!

    Johnny said no can keep it.....then they saw all the miles he put on it, and decided to let him have it for original quote!

    You can't go wrong with the Consumer Reports pricing guide either!

    I can't believe you wisened up and looked at the Jap market?

    Hurray for you!!!!!!

  19. Jeanna,
    One of the most common "vanilla custard powder" brands used is Bird's.

    I think you can use vanilla pudding if you don't have any...OR if you're feeling really ambitious, you can make your own custard. Some of the ladies here do that.

    If you ever try the recipe, let me know how it turns out.

    As for the cutting the squares in a way that you don't muck everything thing up with the chocolate layer...I'll have to ask that little old lady what her secret is.

  20. LOL! :)

    I found your blog from Mary Ruth's blog. As a former cheesehead, I love finding other cheeseheads online. *smiles*

    I will also now remember not to buy this crappy chocolate. :)

  21. It was all about the GM card, James, and it took some doing to ignore that much money.
    So you think it's weird too. This guy keeps trying to pull stuff and even though the price beats anyone and is in town, I'm almost thinking of going somewhere else. Talk about high pressure.
    I have a finance quote emailed to me and have the MSRP and Invoice prices. They have a "MVP" that's a higher number on there, but the amount I was told is under AMT FINANCED and MONTHLY PYMT.
    Do you need the VIN to look up the car at the CR number you gave me? There's a stock order nbr, In-stock # and a Serial #.

  22. Make my own custard, dang woman, we really do live in different worlds, hahaha.
    Maybe you just bring it to the potluck and let people admire it in the pan.

  23. Hey Mary Ruth, thanks for stopping by. Once a cheesehead always a cheesehead, yah?
    I'm still thinking it may serve a purpose for baking, especially the peanut butter. Maybe that's how it started out.

  24. Nope you don't need the VIN number for pricing a new car. It might help for a used car.
    Also,you can always get a better deal at the end of the month rather than the beginning because they might be trying to make a quota or something? But as slow as cars are selling nowdays...I guess it doesn't matter? They will just be happy to make a sell!!!LOL!

  25. I told that one dude to take a hike, Jimbo.
    I'm thinking some places talked about new inventory coming in this week, the first week of March, so incentives can get better and now they have 2010s.
    These guys remind me of some bartenders I worked with that weren't happy just stealing liquor, they had to rob the till blind too.
    Hey, can you please do my March Madness college football bracket. It's really easy and after all NC is one of the best teams in the country. You only have to fill it out once and it takes almost no thought at all.
    "Free Drinks For The Winner" is our motto.
    And, AND you have to make up for blowing off football.

  26. omg, two dollar candy--not that cheap candy isn't good. But the package just looks so wrong. :( See--that dog was just looking out for you, Jeanna. :)

  27. That dog was my Kevin Costner, Jodi. Once Roscoe placed a bud in my lap so dogs know, they really do.
    Still thinking the $2buck cud be okay to bake with. I mean cook with. Wait, that has a drug connotation too.

  28. You know I don't do football!
    I was just checking in to see if you bought that CRV yet.

    Hold out till the 2010's come in and buy a 2009...that's what I'm gonna do if I buy a Honda Fit this year!
    I just found I have some really good connections at our local Honda dealership! Yep....I got friends in high places!
    It will still be fun to walk away from a deal! It's so much fun when you don't need a new car!
    I actually enjoy torturing car salesmen. They're like leeches at the dealerships now days!!!LOL!!!
    I drive in and see them start heading for my truck, pull up a little like I'm leaving...they stop......I stop.....they start heading my way again...pull up a little more...repeat!!!
    I swear they will follow you all the way around the lot like that!!!!

  29. Football? You DO live in NC don't you? Are you telling me you have no interest in college basketball. Check the calendar, son!
    I'm still thinking about how much better the RAV drives and getting lower offers every few days.


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