Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Icicle Pop Champagne

Creamy Orange Icicle PopA Popsicle shaped candy seemed appropriate to celebrate the upcoming thaw, and at least one of the two Icicle Pop flavors I tried were good enough to suck. Strawberry was MIA from wherever I found these, probably at Walgreen's or some hardware store as the cleaning binge continues.

Sour Blue Raspberry Icicle PopThe Sour Blue Raspberry rocks, although the sour taste wears off quickly, but that's a good thing. At times it seemed almost too sweet, but ultimately skirted rather than crossed the thin white line.
The color is great, looking even icier blue in the light. Icicle Pops are easy to crunch and the Sour Blue doesn't leave your tongue too blue. Can your tongue ever be too blue?
The Blue Raspberry broke in half before I could open the package, making it easier for hands free sucking. They're harder to break than a twin Popsicle, but will easily crack in half on a hard surface.
The Creamy Orange is tarter than the Sour Blue Raspberry, but still tastes like an orange Creamsicle.
I'd stick with the Blue Raspberry and look out for the Strawberry, but the Creamy Orange does remind me of an old drink recipe made with orange juice, vodka, Curaçao or triple sec, and cream. You can toss in other liquors of your choice. Do not drink this while, before, or after eating candy. Trust me.

Lets Kiss valentineOn the candy valentine front, Let's Kiss Smartie (pictured above) was made from Smarties, edible glitter, a candy message heart, stencil, and one peanut M&M. The collaborative effort belongs to our youngest contestant and features stars, shamrocks, stickers, marker, crayon, candy wrappers, ribbon, and construction paper. (With a little PhotoShop on the side.)
If you're looking for a movie out on disc, the best of the best of a long list of recently seen movies include the Tin Man miniseries, RocknRolla, and Miss Pettigrew. The Savages and The Secret Life of Bees are good too. Recount forced bad memories of the Bush reign of idiocy and gave me a headache. It's certainly worth seeing, but clear the area of breakable objects.


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!! Okay, now you've got me craving an Orange Creamsicle! Def my fave popsicle ever!! I also love that there's an alcoholic beverage that tastes like Orange Creamsicle!! Deadly because it tastes so good! Not that I'm drinking anything alcoholic these days....*sigh* LOL!

  2. You might have liked the orange Tootsie Roll Pop, too, Chrissy.
    I kind of want a cherry Creamsicle...just had a hard roll full of turkey from the soup I'm making. So much for not eating before I go to bed.
    Did I ever tell you we lived between two places with easy access to Popsicles and Creamsicles (they may have been called Dreamsicles back then), and Fudgesicles, and Ice Cream Bars?

  3. Popsicles? Are you nuts! Thaw? What thaw? You will have melting snow soon? I still have it at least hip deep along our driveway and no thaw in sight. negative temps at nights barely 30 at day. :)

    Blue is not a favorite flavor of mine but my kids love to walk around with blue tongues. :)

  4. I was dancing up and down the driveway waiting for the shuttle driver and thought of you today, Lisa.
    The sun is shining and I'm wearing my spring coat and tomorrow it will be even more gorgeous. Although I almost killed myself on an ice clump yesterday.
    Since I'm w/out transportation I'll have to schlepp around taking photos for you, Lisa. It's all going to melt this weekend I'm telling you.
    Going to have a Root Beer Float popsicle in your honor.

  5. Did you say barely 30? I forget, you're not from around here are ya? The beach parties begin at 28.

  6. "we lived between two places with easy access to Popsicles and Creamsicles (they may have been called Dreamsicles back then), and Fudgesicles, and Ice Cream Bars?"

    Good lord! Seriously??? When I was teaching in Japan, my apartment was just above a bakery. OMFG!!! Every morning I'd wake up to the smell of CHOCOLATE!!! Mmmmmmmmmheaven!!! They had the most amazing French pastries and cakes there. Funny, eh? Amazing French pastries in Japan!

  7. Creamy Orange Creamsicles????
    Sounds like they might be purty good!!!
    I used to love the old Orange Creamsicle "Pushups" when I was a kid! Takes me back to the 60's!

  8. That is funny, C., and pretty damn brutal. There's a bakery right down the road from where I work out and the smell travels like a mutha#&^@er.
    My best friend had them stock piled in her garage cuz they ran ice cream carts and right across the street, two house lengths away, was a storage locker for Bancroft Dairy.
    The Dairy had a much better selection. My older cousin was good at busting locks so eventually they moved it, but we grazed for years.

  9. Yeah, I still eat those, the cherry are good too.
    That, like the Orange Tootsie Roll Pop, is a drink easy to get sick on. Especially if you mix it with beer or prune juice or whatever you're drinking these days Jimbo.

  10. Prune flavored Creamsicles? You might be on to something there?

  11. You, my girl, are a better weather forecaster than ours! We got up to 42 today! And things are dripping! A small thaw, but a few more days like that would be heaven!

    Freezing rain on Monday though. :(

    Anyway, I'm going to start listening to your projections from now on~!

  12. Hey Lisa, they said 57 for today, but I don't know what it actually was. Spent most of the day cleaning the car. I did see several people in shorts though.


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