Wednesday, February 18, 2009

La La La La La La La

Look out the window if you must. If it's not the kind of white stuff you had in mind my leetle friend, look through my window.

Fitchburg MidwayA word to those who scoff, it's almost St. Paddy's which means just one more blizzard.
If you can't stop your teeth from chattering like a wind-up toy on days like this, welcome to my delusion.

Robin Yount
Fishing lureDragon Wagon
Midway prizesCarny foodBack to reality

Roscoe does his taxes"Hook a dog up with some funnel cake."


  1. Wow! If your dog had been wearing a brown leather collar I'd have thought you'd gotten a shot of the Tonka Unit! Uncanny... What a beauty...

  2. Lovely series of shots!
    Happy WW!

  3. Snow will be gone soon? You think? It's snowing now, but it sure is pretty!

    Love the blooming tree!

  4. Fun photos. I adore the photo of the doggy the best, though.

    Happy WW and thanks for stopping by mine.

  5. Don't let Roscoe overindulge the funnel cake! His coat looks so slick and shiny!

  6. Mojo-I'll have to check out Tonka. I was thinking of having Roscoe help me with my taxes.
    Indrani-Thanks and the same to you.
    Sara-Roscoe says thanks through a mouth full of funnel cake.

  7. Hey Lisa, it was hardly on the ground at all after all that fuss. Not crazy about walking around on the invisible ice, but the snow is pretty.
    I think we'll get a bit more, but it's the beginning of the end for the winter weather I think. We usually have a crazy snow storm on Fat Tuesday and/or St. Paddy's down here.

  8. Hey YoJimbo. I never gave him that kind of stuff. Well, maybe pancakes, but no syrup. Labs are so purdy.

  9. okay, I'm wondering what WW day is. Wacky Wisconsin day? Willy Wonka day? Would you Will you day?

    And don't kid me, on your days off you moonlight as a photographer, right? :)

  10. Witless Wuss, Whimsical Whatnots, Weebles Wobble?
    It's Wordless Wednesday, a writer's day off.
    You are too kind. Really.

  11. You know, I've never had a funnel cake before! Don't even know what they look like! In fact, the first time I'd ever heard of a funnel cake was on your blog!

    Must be an American thing? Man, do I live a sheltered life! I'm deprived.

    I want me a funnel cake.

  12. Hey little mama, I'm gonna take my nose out of the car mags and be by soon.
    Introducing you to funnel cake would be like giving you a taste of crack.
    It's fried evil sprinkled with confectioner's sugar. It's what you smell at ball games and fairs. It blows through midways like brown Mexican smack through a junky's veins.
    Think king-sized fried thick-laced criss-crossed waffle doughnut the size of a Konig Zero-In.
    I'll do a quickie Saturday morning post for you and LO.

  13. OMG! I would love for you to be there when I have my first funnel cake! LOL! Ummmm...Can you only get them at "midways"? We call them "fairs" here.

    I can just imagine your reaction when I mentioned never having heard of a funnel cake before!

    Oh, sensei...teach me the ways of true epicurian delight.

  14. You kill, me woman. Got the baby reading the comment section too, hahaha.
    The midway is the part with the rides and junk food and games at any kind of fair or carnival or fest.
    You can get these bad boys just about anywhere. Bet around here you could find one outside a health food store.
    I go to a lot of local baseball games and that place would knock you out for their food. The funnel cake booth is very close to where I usually sit and it KILLS me every time.


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