Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mac and Cheese and Razzles

Cupcake valentineHandmade by Sue (or possibly Sal) this Valentine's Day
Inside "All I really need is LOVE,
but a little CHOCOLATE now and then doesn't hurt!"

Today's post will be made from the box and eaten straight from the pot.
These are the last two valentines, the scrumptious cupcake entry from someone who works with my cousin Lis, and the final Girl Scouts entry, sealing their win with a chocolate kiss.

Razzle and Pop Rocks valentinePop Rock Razzles

Did you know Pop Rocks foam up like that when they hit glue?
Pop Rock Razzles is made from Pop Rocks, Razzles, colored sugar, message hearts, assorted jimmies, stickers, and decorative dots. PhotoShop filters were used around the edges.
As for candy, I stocked up because I knew I'd be without wheels for awhile and God forbid I'm not holding.
Not down to emergency candy yet—Pez and Smarties—but I am heavily armed with Lemonheads, two kinds of Kookaburra, Good & Plenty, Starbursts, Mini Cinnamon Teddy Grahams, and Butter Rum LifeSavers. Most importantly I'm armed with a savory selection of weekend radio tunes.
The first love song I heard on Lady P's this morning was "Bone Me Like You Own Me."

Library MallSo if you're depressed this Saturday, you're not listening to the same music that I am. (WORT started out strong last night with surf guitar and a Cramps tribute.)
Go Wilder Wilder Faster Faster into that good night, Lux.
There you have it, a pre-packaged post and the way to my heart: cheap candy and good music (or good candy and cheap music).
Popa-Oom-Maw-Maw and Happy Valentine's Day, y'all.


  1. Jeeeeshh! I was gonna come on here and be nice but now I can't get "Bone Me Like You Own Me" out of my mind?

    Sounds like something Abigail would sing to one of her bully buddies at Dog Gone Crazy!

  2. Great tune, good beat, you can...whatever to it.
    Kisses to the girls.

  3. Except for Chester, who is still growing into his paws, what's with all the drop kick dogs?

  4. "Drop kick dogs" need luvin' too!
    Now I've got Chester the Molester and "Bone Me Like You Own Me" running through my sick mind?
    Then you had to leave "Happy VD" on Msmamma's blog?
    I'll never think of Valentines Day the same again.

    Hugs to Roscoe.

  5. I'm studying VD now!

    venereal disease, was at the top of the list

    Valentine's Day
    Victim Disarmament
    Victory Day
    Vapor Density
    Vd, design diving speed for an aircraft
    Volume of distribution

  6. I think venereal disease fits best, don't you. I suppose volume of distribution would work too.
    Do you know Chester?

  7. Happy Valentine's to you! I had never heard of that song before!

  8. Bone me like you own me? That's a song, huh? uhm....a Chester the Molester song? lol

    I need to get one of the radio stations we listen to at work to play it. Happy Belated Valentine's Day, Jeanna!

  9. See, Lisa, not listening to the same music. You can get WORT online now, some of their programming is the best you'll find anywhere.

  10. The coolest dogs like oldies and classic R&B, Jodi. Don't know Chester, but he is a cutie.
    Roscoe is a big Who fan.
    You can download it from Limewire. A lot of old R&B has similar titles and themes.
    Oh, time for Beatle Brunch.

  11. Happy Venereal Day
    Happy Victim Day
    Happy Victor Day
    Happy Vapor Day .....always a gas
    Happy Volume Day
    Happy Vice Day
    And Happy Valentines Day

    But I like Happy Hour the best!

  12. Thanks for reminding me James, I forgot to tell the girls about an older woman I worked with on third shift. She always requested the Cramps cover "Detachable Penis" at work. Now that's a Valentine's Day song.

  13. Oh I've googled "Detachable Penis"????
    The cyber cops will be here soon!

    "Bend over I'll drive" is pretty cool too!

  14. Or you could follow the link at the top of the blog to see the video.

  15. Sorry, I should have said The Cramps version of Detachable Penis. It's very funny, you'll like it, but I think a King Missile original.

  16. Hope you had a nice Valentines Day...I ate toooooooo much chocolate! But then what else is new? :)

  17. Hey black beauty, how's it hanging. I got the chocolate eating out of the way last week.

  18. ugh!! The Beatle Brunch. Wash your mouth out. I listen to Beatle Breakfast for THREE hours every Sunday morning because my boss is a fan. *mumble mutter mutter*

  19. damn woman, you're kvetching about the Beatle Brunch when you should be editing this shit for me
    If not for Steely Dan I wouldn't have a word I swear to God

  20. And now that I've filed and it's too damned late to do anything about it, how much do you work, Jodi woman? And why are you working on a Sunday morning at 10 am?
    I think you are my Bizarro World opposite.

  21. LOL!!! Oh, Jeanna! You are the funniest! You had me laughing so hard, I startled the baby (who FINALLY stopped fussing)!

    I posted a chocolate post for you on V-Day :)

    TTYL. The baby is hungry...AGAIN!

  22. Don't think I can look chocolate in the eye after that box of Garden Ganache, especially all those weird ass flavors.
    Did you think of getting her one of those vibrating rocker seat things like they had on that one Sex and the City ep?

  23. How fun! I clicked on Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow so I could listen while I read this entry. Everybody should do that!

    What I really want to know, Jeanna, is how you eat all that candy without getting godawful sick. What be your sekret?

    Oh. Yeah. Happy Singles Awareness Day, two days ago.

  24. Hey UH, I've had a lot of practice. Just this weekend I was thinking how much like a crack addict I am.
    So there's that.
    See, you're doin' it right, woman.
    Man I love that music. And then as I'm supposed to be pounding out a story I'm watching something called, I kid you not, "Hoodlums On Wheels" with the same great tunes, only with hoodlums.
    Singles Awareness Day, hilarious.

  25. I had forgotten about butter rum life savers! YUM!

  26. Hey J., I emptied out my computer desk files to fix them, but they're still broken and filled with Lemonheads and Butter Rum Lifesavers.


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