Saturday, February 21, 2009


Speaking of reality.

A pup named So CoIn case you forgot, this is So Co, our resident guard dog. She likes to greet me with a jump shot kiss.
But this morning's post is for Chrissy. Little Kanook Mama never heard of funnel cake.

Strawberry funnel cakephoto by Marinee

This is funnel cake. These, are funnel cakes, none of them are my photos. What do you want, I should dig through the snow and find a midway?

You normally don't see that much fruit on carnival food around here.

Add a basket of cheese curds and some beer soaked brats and you've got yourself a Wisconsin state flag.

Funnel cake overkillphoto by Wobbly85

That's not legal in four states. Guess which ones and win a funnel cake.
Postscript: Jackie sent in this YouTube link on how to make a funnel cake.


  1. OMFG!!!! Okay, what havr I been missing all my life??? Do funnel cakes taste as good as they look??

    I'm wiping the drool off the computer screen now.

    Jeanna: oddly enough, on The Phantom Gourmet they were talking about funnel cakes. I am soooooooooo going to have to head to the States just for some funnel cake! LOL!

  2. They are deadly, C., but I think they smell better than they taste and taste better than they look.
    All those toppings are pure overkill. Normally, they're almost bigger than the plate and only need to be dusted with a little powdered sugar.
    I'd mail you one, but it's something that you need to get fresh and hot.
    I can't believe you of all people have never had one. Bet you could make one though--evil laugh.

  3. I haven't had a funnel cake in years! They supposedly sell them here in Los Angeles, but it's some sort of frozen thing thrown into the boiling fat, a travesty.

    I'm kind of a purist though. I just like mine with a light sprinkling of powdered sugar. Awesome photos!

  4. LOL! I think you've got ESP, Jeanna! That, or you know me too well. I was just about to Google recipes for funnel cakes!

    Hey, did I really get a message from you saying you are now on crackbook?? I'm on there...but with my hotmail account and not the yahoo one.

    Well, the young miss beckons.The kid is always hungry. Just like her Dad.

  5. I am totally with you on that, Cybelle. Good lord what kind of sicko would add more to that perfection (or amount of calories).
    Haha, yeah, they're awesome cuz I didn't take them. Let's hear it for flickr!
    Surprised to hear LA not keeping up on the junk food front. But I bet you get some kick ass churros.

  6. The blog is on crack because some WI blogger group invited the Dish. It's under the Candy Jones name, though.
    Included a link in the post with some funnel cake recipes for you. Love that site, always find something even I can make.
    Kisses to baby girl from me. What a fashion plate she is.

  7. Somehow I don't remember them tasting as good as they look in those pictures!???
    I guess I made the mistake of not adding fruit and icecream?

    SoCo looks so cold? She's probably trying to jump up and get in your jacket with you????

  8. Okay, which state do I need to visit to get me somma that last funnel cake?

    Holy. Frigging. Gawd.

    Me want.

    Me want bad.

  9. They look good like that, Jamesbo, but I think it's a sin to cover them up with anything put a little sugar, sugar. Besides, then you can have them with beer.
    So Co was over here yesterday and I opened the front porch door for her where she planted herself. I've never seen her act like she cares about the cold. A cool dog considering she's not a lab.

  10. UHA, I think CA is far too healthy for its own good.
    Or maybe you don't go to enough fairs. Somehow I picture you squatting in a corner writing fan fic between tents and bearded ladies. With a face full of funnel cake.
    I know a good brat is hard to find in some places.

  11. Oh you are cruel! I like the simple varieties and love it when iHop offers them! Yum!

  12. The whole IHOP funnel cake thing is beyond me, Lisa.
    You can't say I didn't warn you.
    I too, am a funnel cake purist. Anything more is a couple of the seven deadly sins.

  13. BEER and funnel cakes?

    Now I know your sekret!

  14. lol!!!! The first picture made me think, what the hell is a plate of BRAINS in BLOOD doing in a post on funnel cakes?

    I like mine with powdered sugar, too. I wonder if whipped cream is hypo-allergenic....

  15. I should repost our Leinie's and Halloween ice cream review for you, UHA.

  16. Would whipping your own from cream and sugar be less or more likely, Jodi. After all, I want to fatten you up while keeping you healthy.
    Brains in bloody—I LIKE the way you think.

  17. Beer AND funnel cake?!??! I think my head would explode. I never had a funnel cake until maybe 10 years ago--and yes, the are available in LA at the fair and all those "fun fairs" that happen in the 'burbs. The ones I saw were freshly made. Frozen would be yukky. I'd never had a churro until a few months ago though.... (not a fan)

  18. Glad to hear you can still get a funnel cake if you get the urge, MR. With all those fests in Milwaukee I'm sure they were plentiful.
    C'mon, beer and anything, yah?


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