Sunday, February 22, 2009


Jodi, one of the brainiest brains I know, mistook a funnel cake photo for brains in blood. I couldn't sleep until I found brains.
Go ahead, make your silly jokes.

If you guys keep feeding me ~pun~ ideas, I may never review the Two Buck Choc Chuck I picked up on a whim at Walgreens.

And what of the bag of black licorice Hot Tamale Jelly Beans sitting in a pile of laundry on the couch. They've already been jumped on by a dog and a third candy, some Moose Munch bars, are getting all cold and eaten. I ate a dark chocolate Moose in the dark so I'm guessing it was chocolate with bits of toffee and nuts and something else crunchy and something else smooth. At least I think it was candy.

photo by Alaskamoni

Need sleep.
I pilfer and post this full of cinnamon Hot Tamales. I wonder how the cinnamon Hot Tamales Jelly Beans are...want...need...brains.

Good thing the fridge is stocked with Jell-O.
Should organs look so refreshing?


  1. Barf-oh-rama!

    If the only candy in the world came in the shape of brains, my complexion would be SO clear.

    I can't even eat a gummy worm. Seriously.

  2. Not even gummi vamps?
    I've seen brain candy. Ha, a pun, and it's funny because I should have been asleep an hour ago.
    But seriously, you need to get over that.

  3. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!! LOL!
    I posted something especially for you! Check it out! :)

  4. P.S. I actually thought the funnel cake looked like bloody brains too...but I didn't say anything! LOL!

    Unhinged, I guess gummy ears and eye balls are out of the question then? :)

  5. Hey.....isn't that Gene Simmons illegitimate daughter licking that brain?

  6. That's some serious tongue! I don't even see any brains?
    What's her phone number?

  7. LOL! Ohhh, Jimmy!!!

  8. Hey C., my cuz sent a YouTube link which I put as a PS on the funnel cake post for you. They actually make it with a funnel, go figure.

  9. I think there are laws against that, James.

  10. Tempting, hot cool regional tail, C.

  11. I always knew you were smart! But I never knew you had multiple brains!

  12. Those have to be some of the oddest looking 'cakes' I have ever seen! They could well provide one of the sugar rushes of the century!

  13. Hi Lisa, must be all the brain food. Arrrr brrraaaiinnns.

  14. Hey Jim, funny enough, I've seen many recipe and photos of the brain cupcake, must be a popular Halloween item.

  15. lol, I want that Jell-o mold!! Braaaiiiiin mold. I see Seafoam brains in my near future. 0.o

    and brain cupcakes, and green Jell-o mold, but it doesn't have nuts and cottage cheese, and what's a brain without cottage cheese?

    btw, that's a good container. Keeps the brains all fresh and cold. :)

  16. Hey Jodi, they seem to be quite popular. When I think of cottage cheese I think of my...never mind.
    It's funny that even your icon is sucking on brain juice.


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