Monday, December 17, 2007

Angel Food

Fairy FoodDay 5 Angel Food Candy: Honeycomb center covered with luscious milk or dark chocolate, aka Devil's Food or Fairy Food
Awhile back someone asked about a good Angel Food recipe, and here's my favorite:
Drive to Monroe Street, attempt to find parking behing James J. Chocolate, enter shop, buy Fairy Food, sample said candy on way home. Share, regret, buy more.
I went to a chocolate and wine tasting party sponsored by James J. last year, and they made Fairy Food in a giant copper cauldron for us. Watching the birth of the scalding golden mass was quite cool. Eating more free samples than was polite wasn't bad either. This photo is from one of the many trays of candy they set out for us around the chocolate factory.


  1. Howdy Angel! Are you ready to do a co-post? I got the neatest candy related redneck gift today and I need your expertise!
    I will be emailing you pictures later tonight!

  2. You got it hot legs.

  3. The eagle has landed! Check the nest!


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