Monday, December 03, 2007

Miller Lite Mints

beer mintsI'm not sure how I missed these, but smack dab next to the Extra Cooling Hot Flash Mints at Gem City were a display of real gems, Miller Lite mints. They must be for "the stupid people." I think my neighbors keep a can in the front seat in case they're pulled over.
Speaking of which, I almost gave my computer to a complete stranger last night whilst running around in a minor blizzard.
What started out as a "can do" attitude gone awry, ended up with me handing off The Beast to who I can only guess was a well intentioned (non-English speaking) stranger. Not an Apple Store Mac Genius as I assumed (I was waiting at the wrong loading dock), but some poor schnook from the food court locked out of Quiznos with an orange handcart.
Cut to Sex and the City voice over:
"Are we too dependent on the computers in our lives? Have we unilaterally become a nation of binary bitches? I learned a lot about myself that night. That braking on ice never works out the way you want. That my high school Spanish continues to fail me. That they don't give illegal aliens keys."
Think I'll have a can of mints and go for a spin.


  1. I'll pass on the mints, but a Miller Lite and A Quiznos Classic Club sounds great!

  2. OMG! That 'splains it! Hilarious! I needed that. Glad your little fruit is safe and sound!

  3. Hey Jimmy. It was redneck wine I was asking about you see. Since my godson worked there I'll say something kind about Miller. Let's see...Miller Lite is to beer as Pez is to candy.
    Yo Mamma, did you have to dig out? My apparently obsolete at four years old Mac is fine except for what I might do to it next. The Mac Geniuses actually bowed their heads when I told them (then had to repeat it) what the processor speed was.

  4. Oooh, this is the perfect gift for my father in law!

  5. Hi there Patti, how's life under the Yum Yum tree? I guess they're better than salted licorice. Just about anything is.

  6. I had to use my fabulous penis/snowblower to remove 6-9 inches. You?

  7. Whoever left all the ice and snow just outside the parking garage and driveway entrance is a real dick, but I only pick up a shovel when the mood strikes me. And it doesn't strike me often.


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