Friday, December 14, 2007

Where's Carl Spackler When You Need Him?

Cadbury PicnicDay 2 Cadbury Picnic: Cadbury milk chocolate, caramel, crispy cereal, peanuts, and raisins
The first thing I tasted when I bit into this candy casserole was the wrapper. It's unfair to judge a candy by its wrapper, but this candybar tasted as if it had been sitting around since the Thatcher administration. I noticed the original price was slashed by a buck fi'ty which clues you in to the fact that it was over priced and old [insert joke].
These things happen when you pick up mass produced candy, especially imported, although I expected more from Cadbury, salmonella and all.
This level of barely (notice I said "barely") edible staleness has never been a problem with Cadbury Turkish Delight or even Flake, and someone once schlepped the most decrepitly flaked Flake (what is going on in that ad) across the pond for me.
After you unwrap the thing and let it breath in the fresh Wisconsin air, you'll find a Watchamacallit with raisins. There are too many tastes here (including purple wrapper) that don't blend with the ease of a Chunky ("The thickest nickel chocolate bar in the USA"). And it looks like something you'd find at the bottom of the Caddyshack pool.
I spoke too soon, this is a step back from the Elysia's Orange, although I was right about things getting more expensive.


  1. I don't know how I missed the Chuck Norris Pez post for two whole days?
    I guess chocolate porn easly distracts me?
    I am so not worthy!

  2. Who isn't distracted by chocolate porn. There has GOT to be a movie by that name...let's see, lot's of food porn references...hmmm, there is a porn star named Chocolate. Height/Weight=0. That doesn't sound like chocolate. Hair/Eyes=Black. Black eyes? Poor thing.

  3. I missed the Chuck Norris Pez too!!! *wah*

    It was too cool.

    ...and the picture of the picnic bar looked good until I read the post. It's so not fair you taking such great pictures of stuff that sounds utterly horrible. And yeah--I've eaten some nasty Flakes too. And those stale Curly-Wurlies? Ick.

  4. Curly Wurly, that was the old Marathon. I think it was a long red wrapper with measurements on it. One of my favorite candies. It's hard to say how old shelf candy is going to be without a sell by date. Forget about that nasty Picnic and get a load of these Côte d'Ors I'll be posting tonight.

  5. I used to eat Cote d'Ors until they stopped selling them. Then they started selling only the milk and dark chocolate ones without the nifty fillings. I mean--what's the point of a good belgian chocolate bar without the marzipan or gianduja filling? :(

  6. Marzipan Joy Joy? I see Orange, Raspberry, and Fondant Purr Côte d'Ors available, but a lot of SOLD OUTS for the Gianduja, Bouchée, Lait Eclats Noisettes, and Double Laits. Sorry you can't get your favorite candy. That sucks. Me, I'm still morning the Marathon bar.
    I like a hunk of good, solid chocolate myself. Imani at The Chocolate Nerd did a nice review of the Gianduja a while back.


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