Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Speaking Of PEZ

Snoopy PezChrissy from Random Thoughts got me thinking. About what? About PEZ dispensers. (I took these photos at Deb's.)
Have you noticed how much the Princess Leia dispenser looks like Joan Crawford (see last photo). No wire PEZ!
I love the glow in the dark PEZ you see around Halloween, like the Green Goblin and such. And they might be my favorite emergency candy. (Am I beginning to sound like Andy Rooney?)
PEZ has gotten a bad rap because of sneaky teens like the young JR Chandler on All My Children loading them up with recreational drugs. Most people put PEZ in their PEZ dispensers. We're not all Neely O'Hara you know. ("She took the red pills.") What a cast, Patty Duke, Susan Hayward ("She took the yellow pills."), Sharon Tate, and Barbara Parkins as Anne. I know what my next video rental is going to be.PezWonder if they have Valley of the Dolls dispensers? This old PEZ FAQ doesn't mention them. They do mention that the Spock, Michael Jackson, and Hitler dispensers are fake. Damn.Pez Wall


  1. Where's the "Chuck Norris" dispenser? He will not be happy!!!!

  2. LOL! This is such a GREAT post! You totally made my day! I LOVE PEZ! I am totally envious of that PEZ dispenser collection! I'm going to have to work on more additions to mine! People keep taking my PEZ dispensers though!
    Okay, that's a lie. I keep giving them away. Whenever my friends' kids are here, they always ask for them and I can't say no, so...

  3. Hey Jimmy, as it happens some little girl did pull the head off her PEZ Rescue Heroes dispenser and stick on a Chuck Norris head. Chuck Norris, the reason Waldo's in hiding.
    Hey C, you inspired this one. My little cousin swiped my D. Vader PEZ, very fitting if you know him, ha, ha. But got another one easily.
    Debbie's has a lot of great dispensers all over the store, but most of them aren't for sale. I did find a whistle PEZ somewhere last summer, and it's mine.

  4. Good one Jeanna
    Chuck Norris Pez, sounds like a good post!

  5. Consider it done my redneck dog loving Christmas wine guzzling friend.


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