Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hachez: Lousy Photo, Great Chocolate

Hachez chocolateDay 7, Hachez: Cocoa de Maracaibo, 55%, Cocoa d' Arriba, 77%, and Premier Cru, 88%, German milk and dark chocolate
Being one of those plebian milk chocolate lovers, I have to say the Hachez Cocoa de Maracaibo milk chocolate reigns o'er me. Ah, the things you could do with this chocolate. Too good for chocolate porn, it's more like a charming guy that drinks all your Jameson and goes through your stash like a two-spotted spider mite on a garden tomato. Only sweet on the inside. I lost my train of thought.
At first I thought it was creeper chocolate because it took a second for descriptives such as milky, melting, and voluptuous to spring forth. Is it really voluptuous? Well, I'm out of adjectives and hold on—yes, yes it is.
The classic Cocoa d'Arriba is crazy loaded with cocoa at 77%; to the extent I almost confused it with the 88% Premier Cru. But no. It's flavorful and strong, with a sinful-rich subtlety that clears your mind of everything but your next bite.
The Premier Cru Chocolade on the other hand, is the espresso to the Cru's half cap. At 88%, it tastes primarily of cocoa—what else? It's smooth with far less discretion. But I must draw the line somewhere, and I draw it at 88% cocoa.


  1. I had to google Jameson! Then I got distracted by Jenna Jameson. So then I google images on Jameson!!!!!
    I'll have a Jameson on the rocks, and a Jameson with nothing on, to go please!

  2. The greatest news of the century is that dark chocolate has health benefits.

  3. Hi Jan, I'm doing an article on nutrition and someone from Penn State suggests a good piece of chocolate after meals. That's good enough for me.
    Jimmy, yeah, yeah. I think Flake was the one for chocolate soft porn or suggestive snacking or something. But the new Flake Girl is Joss Stone, so not sure what that means. I wouldn't subject a decent Irish whiskey to ice. It might jump up and knock your teeth out.

  4. WOW! That is some mighty dark chocolate! It's almost black!!
    One of my students from Switzerland did his presentation on chocolate and its health benefits. LOL! I loved that presentation...especially since my student gave his teacher heaps of samples of Swiss and Belgian chocolates! Yay for being a teacher! Who said teaching didn't have its perks!?! LOL!

    LOL @ Uncivil!

  5. Chrissy, do you remember what kind of chocolate it was? I might have to rent a redneck to slap the Jameson out of Jimmy's hand if he tries drinking it on the rocks. I love your Medium moment. What did you think of Casino Royale?

  6. OK after doing vast research on mostly Jenna Jameson......I drifted back to the Irish Whiskey.
    That looks like some expensive stuff? I'm more of a Canadian Mist kind of guy.
    If I want to splurge or impress, then I'll go for the Crown Royal! I have a vast "Crown Royal" Purple sack collection! That sounds kinda obescene don't it?
    Hey, those purple sacks would look good hung over the chimney?

    Sheeeee-Hite....I don't know where I was going with this...still have visions of Jenna J. dancing in my head!

    OH.....are you supposed to drink Jameson (the whiskey) at room temp?
    Shots only I presume?

    I drink my wine at room temp. I keep my Captain Morgan Rum in the freezer for ice cold shots.

  7. Dammit....I've been drinkin' all day and you haven't come to see me yet!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  8. Nah you lil' cracker, it ain't all that pricey. Now Midleton, that's $22, $35 bucks a shot or a pour or whatever the hell they call it, and I know there's pricier.
    Don't think the Irish are big on ice watering down their whiskey. It's to soak your swollen hand in later.
    My cousin lost his purple sack one time at the student union. I found it hanging off a janitor.
    I can see you in the CM pose with your purple sack.
    Cold rum, never thought of that. Used to have a bottle of Stoli in the freezer at all times.

  9. I've been out and about in the fog and Christmas cheer. Actually saw a crash seconds after it happened and watched them pick up a santa hat along with pieces of car which ended up on top of a big ol' snow bank.

  10. Hey!
    Oh, I think it was Lindt Chocolate...several kinds! White chocolate, Dark (I can't remember what percent it was, but it tasted like almost pure cocoa/cacao!), and a whole whack more! Gosh! I love being a teacher! My students are wonderful! LOL!

    That Medium moment scared the crap out of me!! LOL! I'm telling you, I have never ever run that fast up the stairs in my life! FREAKY!

    I never got a chance to finish Casino Royale. I'll have to try to watch it again!

    BTW, I was just sent a whole bunch of cool candies from Japan. I'm going to have to blog about it for you...Maybe when I get back from the holidays though!


  11. Jimmy! Did you say Crown Royal? :) An ex of mine from New Zealand used to always ask me to send him some Crown Royal. I guess we take things for granted here when we can get it whenever we want. One year, I got all the guys in my family a bottle of Crown Royal with their names on the label. There was a special Christmas promo they were doing. that I think of it, how good was I to be advocating drinking alcohol? LOL! Merry Christmas! Have a bottle of Crown Royal! LOL!

    I'm more of a fruity drink gal myself.

    Jeanna, there's this orange flavored drink (I think it's got vodka in it) and I think the name is Orange Swirl. It tastes just like an Orange Creamsicle...remember those orange popcicles with vanilla ice cream in side? YUM! Oh, I'm also newly addicted to Pomtinis! Man...I really ought to stop posting comments on blogs and start packing for my trip (yikes...leaving in 9 hours!)! LOL!

  12. Hey Chrissy, I just threw out some orange Creamsicles, a whole new me for the new year and all. (Although I just feasted on some Scharffen Berger while watching "Throw Mamma From The Train.")
    Funny about Casino Royale, I tried to watch that movie at least three times and none of the DVDs would play. Weird.
    Lindt is one of my favorite commercial chocolates.
    Are you talking about pomegranate martinis? As I'm watching this movie I'm wanting some lemoncello for Christmas.
    Have a good one and watch out for Christmas spirits.

  13. Hey, Jeanna! Yes...pomegranate martinis!! They sell them here ready-made and they call them Pomtinis. I suppose if I weren't so lazy, I could make my own! Mmmmm...Now I feel like having one!

    Happy New Year!


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