Sunday, December 09, 2007

I'm Fine Here, Thanks

indoor snowmanIs it cold enough for your @$*?
You know it's cold when snowmen are coming inside to warm up. I counted more snowmobiles than cars on the road last night. But hey, it's up to 18 degrees today, so maybe the tires won't freeze. It's no-bottles-or-pop-cans-in-the-cup-holder weather. I heard someone on the radio say the fog froze. Is that meteorologically possible? Is that even a word?
Still, things were merry on Boo Square. Gem City was bustling; Gløgg was sampled, candy was bagged. I left with a sack heavier than a small frasier fur.

Where to start? Chocolate bandaids? Candy Scabs? Taffy Tongues? Vertigo Pops? Wonder what Scharffenberger hot chocolate tastes like through a Sip-n-Chew?


  1. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog and agreeing that Hubby's portrait is nice. I appreciate the kudos! Now, let's move on to this group of you candy freaks. It's time for me to chastise you for being so cruel, for tempting my sweet tooth...I am a candy fiend, jelly bellies I think are the culprit, but you're not making it easy for me to not need sugary goodness between every meal! I love your blogs, all of them, and I wish I could have a candy blog too. After my stint with the Costco vat of jelly bellies, I'm afraid hubby would have my hide... You may feel sorry for me.

  2. Hey there NW, try being on a diet and running a candy blog. I talked to a nutritionist recently who said it might be okay if people had one dessert a week. If they must. A week! HA.

  3. I've never seen those chocolate bandaids before. I noticed the Nerds immediately though! I used to love Nerds! The sweet/tart taste was really cool. Even though I'm all grown up now (at least most of the time I'm grown up...I think!), I still love going to candy shops! I especially love it when candy shops have "the Great Wall of Pez" thing going! I don't know if I actually like Pez, but I LOVE the Pez dispensers! I've got a collection of them! LOL! Sad for someone who is turning 32 in 7 days? LOL!

  4. I love Nerds too. But not the kind that tell you your three-and-a-half-year-old computer is obsolete.
    Debbie's Sweets 'n Treats has a Pez Wall. The Christmas Pez candy canes would make a good stocking stuffer. I WISH I was turning 42, let alone 32. Happy Birthday! Only have a few Pez, but always on the look out. My favs are Darth Vader and the whistle head.

  5. I checked out the link...and OMG! I was in PEZ heaven!!! Love those dispensers! Love 'em!

  6. Debbie's Sweets 'n Treats was largely responsible for my doing this candy blog. Her daughter was about to take over last I was there. It's well worth a trip to Oak Creek, if you happen to be in the neighborhood (ha).


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