Thursday, December 20, 2007

Scharffen Berger Milk Chocolate

Scharffen Berger Milk ChocolateDay 8, Scharffen Berger: Extra Rich Milk Chocolate, 41%
The now defunct Twee & Luliloo (which still has a Web site for their Madison location further shedding light on their demise) introduced me to Scharffen Berger. One thin nibble feels as if you've eaten half a bar twice the size.

Scharffen BergerI thought the salacious Hachez Cocoa de Maracaibo won my fickle heart (with its impudent 55% cocoa), but the Fine Artisan Chocolate of the 3 ounce Scharffen Berger Extra Rich Milk Chocolate bar continues to tempt me. Until I find something better. Not that I'm looking. Hell, I'm always looking. Told you I was fickle.
I may use one of these recipes with the 9.7 ounce home baking bar I picked up by accident thinking it was hot cocoa mix. I'm thinking wreath shaped chocolate chunk instead of the never ending ordeal that is making cut out cookies. Goes better with Irish Coffee.
Scharffen Berger is made in Berkeley, a so-called Madtown mirror city, at least in the sixties. Major plus, the label is in English.


  1. yeah--that's always a plus, although I think I learned german just to order dessert. At least as much of it as I need to read the ingredient label and get around a konditorei.

  2. Hey, if I can remember it, I've learned a new word. That reminds me, I need to pick up a bienenstich.
    I don't suppose you have any suggestions for a good, saucy book for a last minute Christmas present? I have so much to get that I'll be gone all day and into the night.

  3. Merry Christmas Jeanna!
    Hope you're bein' Naughty and Nice!

  4. Same to you, Jimmy! Been naughty all day and night. Guess I have to be nice on Christmas. Damn.

  5. Scharffen Berger makes a very good milk chocolate, and the Hachez you mention is also up there. Since you're still on the lookout -- even better than those, in my opinion, are Slitti Lattenero 51%, Santander 36%, and the Cluizel Mangaro Lait 50%. Already reviewed two of those on my blog.

  6. Thank you, Casey. I'm always on the lookout, the problem is, the places to look seem to be getting fewer.
    You have a great blog, as you can see this is more foolishness than it is comprehensive.


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