Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Redneck M&M Dispenser: This Counts As Day 6

You Know You're Blogging With A Redneck When:
•Your computer is up on blocks.
•Someone parked the truck in your carport and you have neither a truck nor a carport.
•The dog has a hankering to go hunting. The dog is a 12-year-old Pomeranian who's never in its life heard the word "hankering" or "hunting."
•There's a gun rack where your poster of 50 Wisconsin Cheeses used to be.
A Word From Clem: We here at the dish do not condone the combination of dogs and chocolate. Or dogs and mason jars, or dogs and shot glasses. We further urge responsible readers to consider Dogs Eating Candy: For Heaven's Sake and Fact vs. Myth: Will Candy Kill My Dog? Please disregard the foolishness perpetrated by my granddaughter and her cousin on her mother's side (an Italian), in the post entitled Chocolate Gift Boxes.
Thank you and Merry Christmas.
A Word From Me: Jimmy's boss's dad (still with me?) is making Redneck M&M Dispensers for Christmas this year. This handsome construction collects M&Ms in a shot glass, normally filled with Jim Beam I suspect, between two critters who probably got lost looking for the front porch (and turned into stone). You're not going to find this gorgeous Rube Goldberg at the Wal-Mart.
See Jimmy's related post at Uncivil.
Photo and idea by Jimmy, who thinks a keyboard is something to hang your truck keys on, as suggested to him by Heidi
Thanks to The Tamster for the redneck jokes


  1. I just woke up up this morning and what to my bloodshot eyes should appear?
    One hell of a post Jeanna my dear!

    What a pleasant surprize!Absolutely perfect I might add!
    Thank you darlin'!

  2. Jeanna
    Thank you so much for doing this with me! I finally finished my post and did it as Tribute to my Boss'es Dad! He's 77 years old and still tuff as nails!

    Hope ya like the way I linked them here!!!!!
    We'll have to get together and do this again sometime!

  3. Thanks for all the kind words, y'all. Looks great on the ol' Uncivil blog. I think you guys should market those things. Is that a sweater I see on on Emily in the new header, or a sleeve perhaps.

  4. Damn, too bad you two couldn't get to an open mic night. Sillyness!

  5. A regular James Carville and Mary Matalin we are.

  6. Jeanna
    That was indeed one of my old shirt sleeves that Emily is sportin'.

    James Carville?

    Now you've insulted me! I thought we were buddies?

    I'm feeling verklempt! Gonna drink some Gløgg and play Russian roulette!

    He supports the Clintons:(

    I'd rather be Mary Matalin!!!!

  7. I assumed you were Mary Matalin you lovable little redneck!


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