Thursday, December 27, 2007

Quarter Christmas Meme

I promised fellow ched Ms. M. a Fav Things of Christmas meme, but I cut my finger on a can of Black Label so here's little copy (~applause~) and my top three. Hey, for very few would I even make the attempt. Did I mention my finger?

JoeyNephew #1, Joey the sailor boy and oldest (the other two call him "The Prince"), full of enough Christmas cheer to propel an aircraft carrier. The more he drinks, the younger he gets. He's about six here.

ChrisNephew #2, The ignored middle child, Chris, the college boy, with Leinie's lip balm and Miller Lite Beer Mints. Do you see a pattern?

AndyNephew #3, Guido, the baby, all tuckered out from helping with the spedini and sitting on the couch. The downstairs is beginning to look like a frat house.


  1. I bet they all love their sweet auntie Jeanna!!!!

  2. Not enough to remember my birthday.

  3. Those naughty nephews!!!!!!I guess a spanking is in order?

  4. The only one that ever did get smacked in the butt (he was leaning on an upstairs window screen) immediately turned to me and said "Jeanna hit me."

  5. ...just dropping by to say--wow, do you know you are a "green" on MacAfee Site Advisor? I can count the blogs ok'd by them on one hand. Somebody out there likes you...

  6. Does that mean I'm virus free? Sigh, just like in real life.

  7. Jeanna! I love the descriptions you give of your nephews! You crack me up! Hope you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

    I posted one of the silly gift exchange goodies Hubby received from my cousin. I thought you might think it was funny...since it is candy related. It's deer droppings! It's sort of like a PEZ dispenser, only it's brown colored jelly beans that come out of the deer's behind. LOL!

  8. Now that was funny. Hope you have a great New Year!

  9. I just opened a bottle of that sweet Christmas wine! And a Happy New Year's toast to you my dear!
    I haven't drank a drop since that dreadful Friday over a week ago!

  10. And cheers to you, James! Glad to see you and the sweet wine are on speaking terms again. Had a room temp shot of Jameson, a little Barcardi, and the mandatory bottle of Spotted Cow in a bar full of snowmobilers. Nothing but excitement for me.

  11. LOL! I was watching "Date Movie" at my brother's over the holidays and when that 50 Cent song (Candy Shop) came on, I immediately thought of your blog.

    I'll take you to the candy shop
    I'll let you lick the lollypop
    Go 'head girl, don't you stop
    Keep going 'til you hit the spot (woah)

    I never really knew what the lyrics to that song were! LOL! Puurrrrty nastay! Catchy though. I kept thinking of your blog with that song playing in the background and it cracked me up.

    Okay, off to bed I go. I'm beginning to not make sense. ;)

  12. Looks like I may not be the only one burnt out on the blog lately?

  13. Hey Chrissy and Jimbo,
    You a Fi'ty Cent fan, C.? Great icon, btw. Not something from Willy Wonka, maybe?
    I've been taking advantage of a free trial to a local gym, and am drained, fluffed, and folded. Besides, the candy I want to review keeps getting eaten.

  14. LOL! Jeanna, I'm not really a 50 Cent fan. I was laughing at one of the scenes in Date Movie and the song was playing in the background.

    Wow! Awesome stuff about the gym. How's that going? You are an inspiration!

    As for the icon, it was made for me by my gal pal, Curiosity Killer. She used a bunch of Archie comics and made one for herself and for another friend of ours. She said mine was a bit of Jemima (who the heck is that? As in Aunt Jemima? I hope not! LOL!) and the hair is Rihanna's. I'm so not cool. My nieces and students listen to all the new stuff. I'm not even sure if I've ever heard anything from Rihanna. LOL! I'm stuck in the Glam Rock years and lovin' it!

  15. Hey Chrissy,
    How was Date Movie, anyway? Saw "Sweeney Todd" w/a few of my cousins. I told them it was a comedy with Johnny Depp, so I guess I was partially right. (I really did think a lot of it was funny.)
    Have actually have lost what would be a nice chunk o' weight to someone who weighs less than the average manatee—not me—but not a soul has noticed, which might be a good thing.
    Speaking of being stuck in the Glam Rock years, was I whining on your blog about the death of the VCR?

  16. Jeanna, we still have our VCR and it still works. I was thinking of switching over from videos to DVDs. I felt disgusted at the thought of replacing all those videos with DVDs though. I miss the 80's. Your comment on my blog made me think of that song "Video Killed the Radio Star" for some reason! LOL!

    P.S. I fell asleep on and off throughout Date Movie. Would you recommend seeing Sweeney Todd or would you say to wait until it comes out on video? Ooops! I mean DVD! ;p

  17. Sweeney Todd, if you're a Depp fan, is a must see. (Or if you appreciate the twisted humor of and have forgiven Helena Bonham Carter for the whole Kenneth Branagh/Emma Thompson thing.)
    I balk at the thought of replacing all the vids I have as well, but know they'll eventually go the way of the Beta and 8-track tape. Sooner rather than later. My cousin frowned upon my Kill Bill DVD because "It's not really high def." A month ago she thought "high def" was an operatic note. Pifflle I say.
    That IS a great song.


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