Saturday, December 15, 2007

Côte d'Or Lait Melk

Cote d'or milk chocolateDays 3 & 4 Côte d'Or Lait~Melk: Two 75g Belgian (Kraft owned) solid milk chocolate bars, 35% cocoa
According to the Côte d'Or website, "Belgians consume more cocoa per capita than any other people on earth." Yeah, well they haven't been to my house.
Thanks to what in retrospect seems like a lapse of judgement, I committed to this Twelve Days of Chocolate business. Did I mention I'm on a diet and now dreaming in chocolate. Actually, it's a jumble of chocolate and the last season of the Sopranos, which I'm just now watching. I was a little surprised by the Christopher move, but then again he was "an idiot all together."
I picked up this elephant stamped chocolat in Boo because of its girth. Turned out to be two bars, but see how big it is?

Chocolate HomeysEach piece is so substantial, it leaves an imprint on the silver foil.
Instead of American wax, you know you're getting quality chocolate in the first bite. Not the first whiff though, which smells sweet and mildly of cocoa, but why are you standing around sniffing chocolate?
Three of the seven two inch long pieces did me in (I said seven two inch long pieces, James). This chocolate is smooth, thick, soft, slippery, silky, buttery, smlkuttery, all of that.
Jodi down by Will Work For Noodles misses the filled Côte d'Ors, some of which may or may not be available on this site. Why not try Milk Chocolate with hazelnuts, 33%, with raisins and hazelnuts, 33%, Noir Orange, 69%, or Dark Chocolate with Raspberry, 70 %.
Although I sensed the slightest of aftertastes, Côte d'Or Lait Melk easily makes it on the short What Chocolate Should Taste Like list. Now let's see if Tony's gabagool turns into a hunk of chocolate. Zzzzzz...


  1. This is not helping me with my latest running/waddling venture! I have you know that some Hershey's Kisses & Minatures found their way into my grocery cart last night!

  2. Fahget aboudit. Why should you be healthy?

  3. I don't visit for a few days and you have days I missed??? S'okay, I forgive you. That site sells the Gianduja bar, and the dessert bar with the cashew praline, and THEY SHIP!!! I am very happy, and soon to be replete.

    ...thanks for the shout out :)

  4. I've got a milk chocolate Scharffen Berger loaded up I haven't even posted. Excellent, I hope you're indulging soon.

  5. The Chocolate with Hazelnuts and the Chocolate with Raspberry are my absolute favorite chocolate bars in the world. Cote d'Or is magnificent!

  6. I agree, Bint, Cote d'Or is one impressive, or should say two impressive bars of chocolate. I love raspberry as well.


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