Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dashboard Dining Key

1. Chocolate
2. Soft Drinks
3. Jelly & Cream-filled donuts
4. Fried Chicken
5. Tacos
6. Chili
7. Juicy Hamburgers
8. Any Barbecued Food
9. Hot Soups
10. Coffee
Once again, the inimitable Chrissy got the most right. She may be tired of Madtown postcards, but she's got another one coming.


  1. WHAT?! Oysters with chop sticks are OK, then??? Coooooool! :)

  2. Oh, wow! What a surprise! Chocolate is the most dangerous food to eat while behind the wheel?!?!

    I think Olga's oysters with chopsticks would have been a prime contender there!

    LOL! Thanks for the postcards, Jeanna! I think I mentioned before that I love them all. The cattle crossing one was cute and the Statue of Liberty one reminded me of that scene in Planet of the Apes.

  3. I wouldn't try that before a marathon, Olga.

  4. This is according to Madison and Dane Co. Public Health, I've seen different orders. I remember when they first built the Statue of Liberty in back of the student union on Lake Mendota. I think it was supposed to be Planet of the Apes.
    I can't say that I've eaten much chocolate while driving.

  5. Congrats again C
    Steaming oysters while driving and shucking them sounds like it would make a killer youtube clip~!

  6. Don't encourage her there Jimbo. Remember it's taken this long for her to get back behind the wheel.

  7. I am shocked at that list. We do most of those while driving. And having a coffee or soda is the norm in our car.

  8. I hear you, most of those were on the dashboard when I read the list.

  9. LOL! Jeanna's telling the truth, Jimbo! I've only recently started driving again. That accident freaked me out. Now that the roads are dry, and it's sunny and warm out, no need for Hubby to drive me everywhere! Poor guy! LOL! He's too nice to say "Drive yourself to work" though :)

  10. And we're all very proud of you, C. You're hubby is one of those guys you only hear about on the Oxygen Network, isn't he?

  11. LOL! DUH! I've got a big fat "L" painted on my forehead! I had nooooooooo idea what the Oxygen Network was and had to Google it! (Thank goodness for Google!)

    I had never heard of the Oxygen Network. I don't know if we get it here in Canada. Maybe in some parts we do. We do lots of American networks. We get Spike TV. I used to love watching MXS. At least I think that's what it was called. You know, that Japanese TV game show where the contestants do the stupidest things like dress up in the strangest get ups and get rolled over by gigantic boulders?!?! It's dubbed in English and it just cracks me up. Sometimes they're in straight-jackets hand have to grab dangling food from a string with their mouths.

    Mmmmm, k. This comment makes me sound like I'm on crack.

    Anyway, to answer your question, I guess it does seem like Hubby's one of those guys from the Oxygen Network! LOL!

  12. My bad. It was called "MXC".

  13. I've heard about those game shows and there was a Simpsons (where I get most of my information) about it awhile back.
    Sounds like my kind of show. I'll be in a straight jacket soon. Almost done with my Fed taxes and now the e-file deal won't take the State taxes, which I haven't really started yet.


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