Friday, April 04, 2008

Tootsie Pop Drop

KarenThey might not be in the groovy rolls they used to be, but Tootsie Pop Drops are back, and I came home to another large box of candy waiting patiently on my doorstep to drive home the point.
Point taken.
More free candy.
My cousin Karen here was quite excited. There's something about a bright orange box of candy which disperses energy like a freshly bathed hippie.
Our west side taste testers managed to rip open the box within the box in seconds. Dentist cringing crunching ensued.

Vixen Pop DropsI haven't seen the the Pop Drops in the stores yet, but know they're available online. I was a little disappointed when I saw them in a pouch rather than a roll. That roll of candy felt so right in the palm of my hand and somehow made me feel cool. I was a nerdy child. But the pouches are perfectly suited for the insanity which is now my life.
More from our reviewers later.


  1. Since the packs have a random assortment of flavors instead of the single flavor of the rolls, I think it's better for sharing (you can pick out the flavor you want).

    It certainly is an orange box!

  2. Hey Cybele,
    You're so right, it turned into a very communal thing, with the kids fighting over the blue raspberry ones. Which was fine because I don't like blue raspberry anything. Blech.
    I gave the other box to a bunch of girl scouts and I'm guessing it got their little heads spinning.

  3. Lucky!!! How'd you manage to score such a sweet gig...getting all this candy delivered to your door? Who's your candy-man???

  4. oh my God!!! They're back. I LUV tootsie pop drops, and I haven't seen them since I was about ten. WOW.

    Toostie pop drop. Awright....

  5. That is soooooooooooo cool!

    Cybele made a good point about the assorted ones being better for sharing. Like you, I'm not a blue raspberry fan either.

    All of a sudden, I'm craving something sweet! LOL!

    My cousin from Montreal brought us some chocolate (Creme caramels) but Hubby left them in my vehicle. We have been using Hubby's vehicle because after my accident the other month, I have been a bit freaked out to drive. Anyway, I asked Hubby why he hadn't brought the chocolate in and he said that if it wasn't in the house, it wouldn't disappear so fast! LOL! I think I'm going to trek up to the carport and fetch my chocolate, damn it! LOL!

  6. Oh! One more thing! This post just brought back a flood of childhood memories. Remember this?!?!

    "Whatever it is I think I see, becomes a Tootsie Roll to me..."


    "Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?"

    *sigh* How sad is it that I still remember the lines for these commercials?!?! What's even sadder is that I remember these catchy phrases, but I don't remember anything about algebra!

  7. Wasn't that a slasher movie with that blonde chic from Sideways?
    I don't know little lingerie, post it and they will come I guess.

  8. Hey Jodi woman, what's new, how's the move going?
    They're a different shape and probably size, and in a pouch rather than a roll, but yeah, they're back by popular demand. Only took thirty some years.
    I feel as if I'm on an island (as in Dr. Moreau) and a plane keeps dropping sugar on my doorstep.

  9. Wellity, wellity, wellity, my friend to the north, keep that craving on hold for a short while.
    Although when I commented about crazy Canadian addresses at the post office, the clerk put down her .45 for a second and said, "We have no idea what it all means."
    Then she joked about ripping open the box because it smelled so good. Damn Madison hippies.
    Still skiddish about the driving, huh? I don't blame you.
    Algebra, pfffttt!
    I should talk, I'm so wiped out I forgot how to use silverware the other day.
    Maybe I should start eating with my fingers, I've been living on Kits, BB Bats, and Tootsie Pop Drops anyway.

  10. lucky mom is a fan of that sugar subsitute that comes in a bag and looks like shaved styrofoam.

    Maybe another week or so before I find something other than a spare bedroom and a tub.

  11. Hey, the tub could come in handy in case of tornadoes.

  12. Damn... if only they came in a pouch with a golden cord like Gold Rush Nugs, then you could loop it through your belt loop and let 'em dangle.

  13. Dangling Drops, I like it. They are handier than I thought when you're Dashboard Dining.


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