Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dashboard Dining

Junkfood on DashboardCan you name the 10 Most Dangerous Foods to Eat While Driving?
If you can name at least *five in order, I'll consult our panel of sugar fiends, I mean experts, and we'll send you something really stupid from our favorite Web site,
If you bother to look it up and name all 10 in any order, you get a post card. Maybe. If I feel like it.
Good luck, you have until Friday, April 11.
*According to Madison & Dane County Public Health


  1. Beer, Wine, Liquor, Hot Coffe, Hot Soup, BBQ Chicken,Sardines, Burger King Whopper, Pizza Hut Supreme, Water mellon.

  2. Beer, wine, liquor, watermelon? I said Dane Co. Public Health, not Rural Route Redneck, James.
    But you got four right.

  3. Hmmm...Very interesting post, Jeanna! The other week, I had to do some errands off-Island and indulged in some fast food (since we don't have any fast food franchises on the island and we rarely eat it anyway). Mc Ribs were back for a limited time, and as I was eating my sandwich, I realized how freakin' messy and dangerous it is to eat and drive! NEVER again!!! Scary!

    Okay, here are my guesses:
    1. Coffee (just a disaster waiting to happen! I always scald myself even when I'm not the one driving!)
    2. Hamburgers (greasy, messy, takes too much concentration to eat!)
    3. KFC (I'm not picking on Colonel Saunders, but that chicken is greasy and messy!)
    4. Pop (especially in a can. That stuff always spills all over me. Do you guys say 'pop', 'soda' or 'cola' where you are??)
    5. Soup (like who even tries to eat soup while driving???)
    6. Chocolate bars (as much as these are my ultimate weaknesses, they melt all over my hands...which is why I love it when Hubby drives!! LOL!)
    7. Powdery donuts (all that white powdery fluff is messy and distracting)
    8. Pizza (difficult for me to eat without making a mess even when I'm NOT driving!)
    9. Anything from Taco Bell (messy!)
    10. Alcohol (followed by pot???)

    LOL! Those are my guesses.

  4. Oysters on the halfshell,
    Corn on the Cob,
    BBQ Ribs,
    Anything requiring ChopSticks,
    Pistachios (in those dang hard-to-open shells),
    any kind of BOOZE,
    Hot Soup,
    Hot Coffee,
    Hot Dogs!!!

    *Chocolate usually doesn't last long enough in my hands to melt, so I say it's safe!!

  5. That's why you're so healthy, woman. You were driving?
    You got 8, not in the right order, but so far so good.
    What's with the booze guesses? Cracks me up.

  6. Again with the alcohol, sheez (shaking my head and chortling and it's way too early in the a.m. to chortle).
    Oysters? Dang.
    You got three Olga, and yes, there were a few pictured in the photo.

  7. LOL! Olga's list had me cracking up! Too funny! :) Oysters and anything with chopsticks! Love it! There goes the booze too!

    Jeanna, I think your readers have something in common! ;)

    So, booze is not on the list of dangerous things to consume when driving? That sounds purrrrty darn dangerous to me! Try drinking a bottle of Smirnoff Ice when the cops are hot on your heels!!!

    By the way, that was a joke! I would never drink and drive! Had you thinkin' though!!

  8. Nope, I it's more about junk food driving, not drunk food driving.
    I think eating oysters with chopsticks should be on the list.

  9. What about chicken wings? That's freakin' messy! I wouldn't be able to drive and eat chicken wings at the same time! That's insane.

    Are clam chowder and chili considered soupy dishes?

    Buttery corn on the cob would be dangerous. I'm not sure whether it would be because of the slippery factor or the...uhhh...ummm...'after' meal factor! I can get my 10 year old niece to explain to you the properties of 'corn poop', but I'll spare you. Ewww. Sorries.

    *sigh* I should get to bed. I just have wayyyyyyyyyyy too much fun on your blog. LOL! ;)

  10. Corn on the cob, huh. This ain't Sun Prairie, woman, but you got one more.
    Crazy storming here tonight, what about by you? Keeps setting off car alarms.

  11. I would think Pizza would be up there and spaghetti. :)

  12. And I think all the booze drinkers are in WI - we have more bars in this state than I've ever seen anywhere!

  13. Ha, Lisa, spaghetti would be a challenge, and I'm a dashboard diner from way back. But no luck. I was surprised that pizza wasn't on the list. But a slice from Rocky's isn't all that difficult to scarf down in the car.
    If Jimmy sees that comment he might pack up the girls and become a cheesehead.

  14. Awww! I wanna be a Cheesehead too! I always thought WI was a cool place. That 70's Show, Wisconsin Candy Dish, Ms. Mamma, Lisa's Chaos...Too cool.

    I've got family in WI, but I've yet to visit them. They were up here for our wedding. I don't know why we never visit them. They always come to see us though.

    Is it still stormy where you guys are? All our snow is gone now, but today (and late last night) it was really, REALLY windy.

  15. P.S. I used to be a dashboard diner. Okay, still am sometimes! OMG! I'm a closet dashboard diner! Do you think there's a Dashboard Diners' Anonymous out there? It's just so hard NOT to be a dashboard diner when you're on the road a lot. Those 9 hr drives from the island to Montreal or the 6 hr drives to Toronto all make for good dashboard driving time. *sigh*


    Guess what I got in the mail today??? That's right! The package you sent me! I cannot describe how happy I am right now! LOL!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    BTW, I posted all about it on my blog today, so no doubt everyone who pops by my blog will probably be heading over here after reading my post! LOL! ;)


  17. Hey C.,
    You're too nice to be a Ched, Ms. M. and Lisa might agree.
    The nicest region I've been to was on the southern Oregon coast.
    I didn't know it was that far to Montreal and Toronto; those are the only two cities in Canada, right, eh?
    That 70's Blow, I mean Show makes it a two hour drive from Racine to Thunder Bay.
    Ah, you got it despite the munched out hippie postal workers smelling caramel corn through the bubble wrap.
    Cool, will pop on over there now.

  18. Wooooooo Hooooooo
    This was a killer post Jeanna!
    As for Dashboard driving I remember driving a big rig down Virginia Beach Blvd back in the 80's while eating a Burger King Whopper and shifting gears like a bat out of hell.
    It didn't take me long to switch to Chicken Mcnuggets because they were more dashboard friendly.

  19. The Whopper grease probably let you shift faster. I didn't know you drove the big rigs, Jimmy? A Redneck of many talents.
    You're right about the McNuggets.


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