Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wigged Out Wednesday

Traffic horseI know someone's looking over my shoulder.

Freakfest t-shirtBring it on.

ConvertibleBut it will have to wait until I get back.

Fire-Chief gasAfter I get skunked at the pump.

Superman LunchboxAnd pack a lunch.

PopeyeAnd take off.
Will keep you posted. Get it? Posted.


  1. Yeah Lisa, me and S.J. Perlman.

  2. Great post, Jeanna! Too cute!
    Love the Superman lunch box!

  3. That's from Deb's outside of Milwaukee. So is the gas pump and car. Got some great Wizard of Oz mugs there. How's the cold?

  4. That horse looks like it's going to turn into zombie people-eating horse 'cause of the eyes. :)

  5. One can only hope, Jodi.

  6. Not yet. Can't wait.

  7. Hey, Jeanna!
    It's 11:06 PM on Friday here, but I wanted to be the very first to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!!!

    Hope you have a very special day. Enjoy!

    P.S. My cold is still lingering, my bloody eye is still bloody (GRRR!) and our Spring weather suddenly turned into COLD and rain, rain, rain. *sigh* But, as Hubby always says, "Every day above ground is a good day". Mehhh...I guess he's right.

  8. That must be why I can't sleep!? Subconsciencly.....I knew it was your Burfday and here I am up at 3:00 am in the morning Sat. May 3rd wishing you a "Freakin" Happy Burfday!!!!!
    Drink plenty of adult beverages for me will ya?
    I gotta work the whole weekend:(
    Love the horsey........local law enforcement's steed? word verification is sppug?......SuperPug!!!!!!

  9. Thanks, Kiddo. Just washed the filth off my bod from last night (ewww), played my annual Yer Birthday song and danced about.
    Gonna hit the road in a mo' in the rain and cold without a good idea of how to get there.
    That sounds about right.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Super Pug? Yes she is. Thanks James, have been regretting that second bottle of beer from last night. It was really the deep fried mini tacos that did me in.
    Yeah that's a State Street crowd control horse. They seem to have more common sense than the students they're controlling. Must be where they get "horse sense" from.
    Well, I'm outward bound.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  11. Where are you going, my lovely? Enjoy your trip. XO

  12. and happy birthday. XO

  13. It was a trip and a half, H. Just headed west to Wyalusing State Park. Ever been?
    I wrote a little song about it:
    Lots of trees
    Creaky old knees
    Then I lost my keys
    Made a deal with God
    "Is she really such a clod?"
    Doobie woobie woo ooh ooh

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  14. What' that figure in last photo. Looks great ..

  15. Hi Eamon, that's Popeye on a rocket from an ice cream parlor in town. I added a motion effect to make it look like he's going fast. Everywhere you look there's something flashing or flying or making noise around that place.

  16. LOL! Love the song you made up, Jeanna! (Espcially the Doobie woobie woo ooh ooh part)

    If I get my butt in gear, you should be receiving your b-day present soon-ish ;)

  17. Ah, you don't need to bother yourself. I still owe you a post card from Dashboard Dining. How come you can't find any good ones when you're looking.
    It was more like a scene from a Bette Davis movie. I could have used a Doobie woobie.


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