Monday, April 28, 2008

Morose Monday

FunhouseMy neighbors are jerks. They smoke so much it comes through the walls. The other night I dreamt I was trapped in a house fire. This morning it invaded my emergency what's the point of getting out of bed bubble bath.

Red Yogurt DOTI ate my last DOT.

Miller ParkNo home games this Saturday, so keep on driving.

Troy GardensAnother birthday coming up. Doom. What should I do:
Vision Quest, Nitty Gritty, Look For Snakes Down By The River.
Look for snakes living in vans down by the river?
I'm leaning toward snakes.

Vixen, Roscoe PupMaybe I'll just stay in bed.


  1. Friggin' stinky assy neighbors! And birthdays. I hear you. I spent the weekend watching the first three years of SF's life and bawling over time slipping away. Today I applied to work in a sleep lab. WTF. Maybe I am one of those who will indeed have a mid-life crisis. We should meet sometime for some New Glarus and cheese.

  2. These people have a cot on the porch and run a hose through the living room. At least it's not my living room. Yet.
    What are you, about an hour plus change away? We should find the dirtiest dirt bag bar with a .25 foosball table, dog in the corner, and dime beers. I have it, we should meet in the seventies.
    Aw, SF is just a sweet baby with years and years and years to grow. And you'll make a mid-life crisis look good.
    A sleep lab, dang. I'm in the final days of a cold study.

  3. I'm leaning toward looking for snakes in vans in deserted parking lots with lots of neon and rusty chain link fence down by the river. (multi-task!! Vison quest at the same time, that way it's easier to pack more stuff into your birthday!) :)

  4. If I had either peyote or a desert, a vision quest it would be. I'm getting excited about the rattler hunt. I hope they like camera flashes.
    Vans in deserted parking lots — now that is a little too fava beans and chianti for me.

  5. Awww, Jeanna!
    Perhaps it's a Monday post today was pretty blah too.

    Too bad your neighbours are jerks.

    You, Ms. Mamma, SF, and Jimbo should come to the Island for a road trip for your birthday! ;) Surprisingly, even if we're north of you, our weather is much warmer right now! Odd, eh?

  6. I'm up for that, C. Maybe Ms. M. and I can manage to meet in the middle for a beer and toast yall. As for this Saturday, I'm looking for rattlers.
    The troll moved out today; too bad she moved to the building next door. But one down anyway.
    Yeah, I'd say, it was snowing when I finally emerged today. I just covered up the lilac bush on the porch. I swear I heard it chattering.

  7. Hell fire woman!!!!I'm in love!
    I've never been on a rattler hunt and I wouldn't have even thought of such...... way up there in Wisconsin?
    Been trying to google some info?
    You would just love my buddy Dean Ripa. He owns The Serpentarium here in Wilmington! Taught me how to catch snakes when we were about 9 years old.

  8. I became a bit of a snake buff when I did a story on them a few years back. And before that when I went to school in a town on the Mississippi with bluffs full of drunken college students and rattle snakes. Lovely combination.
    The rattler is a sweet babi. We only have two kinds of rattle snakes here and one is very rare.

  9. Birthday are fun! I hope you have a good one. :)

    You really can smell their smoke through the walls? Ew!

  10. Thanks. My birthdays haven't been fun for a good 15 years. I could smell their smoke through the Fortress of Solitude.

  11. Chin up, sweets! I'm going to try to send you something in the post in time for your b-day. Hopefully that'll cheer you up some. What's the exact date again so I know how much time I've got to play with? LOL! I could go back into your archives and look up old b-day posts, but being the lazy and sucky detective...okay, non-sleuth that I am, I'm just gonna ask you. ;)

    As for me, still feel like crap...only now, I've got a bloody eye to show for it. What fun.

  12. OMG, Chrissy. If it were Jimmy, I wouldn't be worried, but that sounds beyond bloodshot. I think I'm done with my cold study today, and I'm going to get paid for being sick.
    It's May 3rd, this Saturday. I'm going to look for rattlers on the river. Hopefully I'll be too tired to be bothered by Brittany and K-Fed (hillbilly neighbors) and just go to sleep when (if) I get back.

  13. Snake Huntin'?!? You are a woman of many talents! Hwen's your birthday? Mine's coming up too....a BIGGIE!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!

  14. When's yours? Mine is this Saturday. The big one was last year and it thoroughly sucked. Are you a year old this year, Olga?
    Hunting with a camera. Snakes are kind of amazing creatures. WI rattlers are very sweet.


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