Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yogurt DOTS

Yogurt Dots BoxI've been rat holing Yogurt DOTS for over a week now, and thought a college Lacrosse game on a so-called April afternoon was as good a place as any to shake them out. 46 degrees my frozen tundra. The wind alone could freeze DOTS to a metal railing. Especially if you licked them first.

Dots at a Lacrosse gameYogurt DOTS come in Orange, Blackberry, Lemon-Lime, Strawberry, and Banana flavors. The lackluster banana blended in with the orange, so it missed the photo op. Or maybe it got blown out onto the field. Who knows what's going on at a lacrosse game anyway. Certainly not I. It looks like a bunch of guys smacking each other across the knees with sticks. And then the game is over. They're like loan sharks with cute legs.

Dots on a railingEveryone who tried the Yogurt DOTS liked them.

Nitro Nanci and I liked the orange the best. Even though she's holding green. Did I mention how cold it was?

NanciI've been eating them non-stop as I post, first biting off their little heads, then lining them up and finishing off their vanilla "yogurt" bottoms. There's a kind of Hannibal Lecter/Oreo Cookie thing going on and suddenly I crave fava beans sprinkled with Chianti flavored cookies.
I ate them into an overall feeling of self-loathing. But that's okay because it is yogurt after all. Well, no, no it isn't. Not a drop. Not a scosh.
There is, however, a handy DOT DROP on the side and a movie quiz on the back.
Don't eat Vanilla blanks while watching Vanilla blank or you'll upchuck the Vanilla yogurt blanks into your Vanilla colored blank.
Blank, I'm out of DOTS.


  1. Hey, we have something in common this week?
    You go to a Lacrosse game to watch college guys with cute legs.

    I go to college night at the City Limits bar to watch college girls with cute/hot legs ride the mechanical bull and dance on the bar coyote style.

    I was "scoshless" of course? If only I would have had some "Yogurt Dots".......candy little girl?????

  2. Now those sound pretty good!... for a non-chocolate item! :)

    It was 87 degrees here today...

  3. Are you still doing that? If nothing else seems to be working, maybe you should give it a try, James.

  4. They aren't bad, but I still feel sick this morning. 87 degrees is overkill, Olga. I get nervous once it gets into the sixties.

  5. mouth was watering reading this post! Love the photos too!

    I think orange would be my fave since I seem to like orange the best out of all the fruity flavours.

    Lacrosse is such a fun game! I love going to Lacrosse games. Hot guys with nice legs!

    Have I ever mentioned how cool you are?!?! You are such a cool gal!

  6. Olga, I see a lingerie noir influence when I look at the DOTS photos. Have fun with the Ya Yas up there.

  7. Hey C., I think the orange had a little more taste to it, but since I almost DOT DROPPED from overindulging, I can't even try one and tell ya right now.
    Hot guys with nice legs, that would make a good post. I am a leg girl through and through.
    As for that last remark. No, I can honestly say that no one has ever, in my entire life, said how cool I was (laughing). Even the pet psychic said Vixen thought I was a dork.
    Which I am.
    But thanks.
    Think George Costanza has a beer with Homer Simpson and somehow they breed.

  8. Wow, for a little while, I thought you meant yogurt dots were frozen ice cream candies. They look like ice cream. Yogurt...uhm, gotta think about that. Hmmm. Yogurt.

    I think, maybe just one. Pass the fava beans.

  9. They soon became frozen. Brrrr. Don't worry there's nothing healthy about them.

  10. When will spring spring itself? We got several inches of snow up here today! :(

    Pretty dots!

  11. Several inches? Dang. We got a snowy rain. It was weird, the sidewalks had steam coming off of them and the lagoon down the way was all fogged over.
    Thanks, they are kind of pretty. Especially in me belly.


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