Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Ash To Ashes

Favre bumper stickerFunk to funky.
Dang, I missed my shot at Ash to Ashes Wednesday.
P.S. The boys are back in town and the Brewers beat the Cubs, so dry those manly tears, sports fans.


  1. Wow! You guys have a lot of snow still! I took some photos on the weekend and there was still snow on the ground. Today there is nothing but slush and muck!

    Anyway, just checkin' in on you and your parents ;) Must get back out and check on the maple syrup. Yes, m'am! We're makin' our own maple syrup again this year.

  2. Hi Jeana
    I'm just dropping in. I go to C's blog and crave maple syrup. I go to msmamma's blog and crave cookies. I come here and crave a beer? A Snickers bar and a Blue Moon would rid me of my manly tears if I had any!

  3. Hey C., this was from last week, but STILL. Sun shining today, yeeehaaa. Maple syrup, yum!

  4. Hey Jimmy, a Lazy Mutt might go better.


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