Saturday, April 19, 2008


Gimbal's LavaBalls are one of those hot candies you've probably passed dozens of times at the Walgreens to get to the Snaps. Mmm, Snaps.
Not quite an Atomic Fireball, not quite a Cinnamon Gummy Bear, the affable little balls are pretty and hot. Yes, they're pretty hot. As when drinking 151, have a glass of water standing by.
I like the crunchy coat, which has a well proportioned thickness and breaks like a gumball. The shell can be dissected (if bitten just right) to reveal that the hot stuff lies more in the red jelly than the speckled shell. They remind me of those sour cherry balls you buy in bulk. Only they're neither sour nor cherry. But they do have a bit of marketing on the back of the bag talking about cinnamon eruptions, fire eaters, and can you stand the heat. It shows someone's trying.
Bonus: They're gelatin free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, and pareve (neither meat nor dairy for those keeping a kosher kitchen).
Not a bad choice for something different, and it's a good bet you haven't had them in a while or ever.


  1. Lavaballs?......That mind...
    I don't even want to go there!!!!!!

  2. It could be a kind of jock itch.

  3. Yeah, that was my first thought too....Hot Lava Balls! Hoo-Weeee!!!

  4. May make wearing a cup a little uncomfortable.

  5. Wooooo....hoooooo
    It hurts to laugh and my darn throat is sore from laughing and hollerin at the "Dirty Martini" last night.
    I thought about ya last night during my drunken stupor while staring at a bottle of "Jameson" on the shelf behind the bar.
    Even did a toast to it in your honor.
    Man.....I wish I would have remembered this post last night!!!
    "Lavaballs"......that would have been a hell of a conversation.
    That's a good name for a sports bar!
    I kept tellin the girls I was a "Dirty" virgin cause it was my first time there!!!!!
    But as Arnold says "I'll be back"!


  7. Those Wednesay shag lessons sound intriguing, but the whole thing "smacks of effort."
    Dress code my pasty white arse! A stanky old dog in the corner near the shotgun, a basket of blue gill and curds with dollar bottles of beer for me, James.
    A little Irish Whiskey if I'm feeling frisky.
    Thanks for the toast. I'll toast you if I um, put on socks today.

  8. Hey, I'm a man of many tastes when it comes to bars!
    I got home right before the redneck bar closed that's bout a 1000 feet from my doorstep!
    I staggered.....over there for my last two beers of the night. Had to settle for a Miller lite and then a Busch light from a gal pal.
    They welcome dogs. Even the four legged kind.
    Abigail has been up on the bar drinking beer out of an ashtray, or just poured on the countertop many times.
    Emily doesn't like alcohol and is the designated driver. So Abigail just sticks her nose up Em's but and follows her home with me.

  9. Now that's my kind of place. Although I could do without the Miller Lite or Busch. No Leinie? For shizzle.
    There's also this place on State Street I like because it's got outdoor seating and is next to a pizza place which will deliver to you. If you wanna pick up a guy, do it with pizza. Well not do it. You know what I mean.
    I think Abigail deserves better than an ashtray.
    Are you sure you're not confusing a bar with your living room?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Lavaballs as a bar name? I'll have to remember that. Hmmm...actually that sounds really good. I "will" remember that...

    I've never eaten Lavaballs (damn with those bad puns) but they actually sound good, for those days chocolate isn't enough and you don't want a pretzel

  12. I've just eaten an entire bag of them because somehow I thought it would help me get this article in by 4. It's not 4 yet is it? IS IT?
    So why am I reading email? You tell me, you're the editor.
    Anyway, they're like spicier Hot Tamales.

  13. Oh baby!!!!We could just sit out back behind the bar on the tailgate of my pickup. I could reach in the cooler and pull you out a Leinie, and grab me a Blue Moon. Abigail could slobber sweet nothings in your ear, while Emily licked your toes.
    I'd grab the cell and order a thin crust Extravaganza and some chicken wings from Dominoes!
    We could make plans to open up our new redneck sports bar. I can't make up my mind to call it "Trucknutz" or "Lavaballs"?
    You could whip out your "Jameson"! I could whip out ever you tell me to whip out)?...Haha..thought you would like that answer!
    You could bring some Wisconsin cheese and I could whip out a bottle of Duplin County wine?
    Us rednecks gotta have dreams!!!

  14. I think I'm in love. And the LavaBall Bar would be a fine name, was that your suggestion or Jodi's?
    I've always loved the name trucknutz, I mean ever since you brought it up, when was that, I forget.
    It could be like, "Hey shithead, let's go on down to Trucknutz Harbor, it's Krispy Kritter night at LavaBalls, dollar Leinie's and free curds."
    Dogs drink free.

  15. Is it weird that I don't like hot candy? Probably not, I don't like spicy food. :) You can keep them. :)

  16. No Red Hots? No Hot Tamales? No Fire Stix? No Atomic Fireballs? I can't imagine.


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