Sunday, April 13, 2008

Procrastination Sunday: National Licorice Day

KookaburraThe sugar coated Patti from Candy Yum Yum! pointed out that Saturday was National Licorice Day, and I missed it. Since I treat every day as if it's National Licorice Day I guess it's okay.
I was at Nitro Nanci's (cousin and Dish reviewer) eldest daughter's wedding.

Amy and Mike's Wedding"You know it's National Licorice Day, Mike."
"At least we'll be able to catch the Cub's game."

So it was drain the half barrels of beer and empty the wine bottles then lose your cell phone and car keys because you were too drunk to realize you were looking in someone else's coat pockets and your old ass knees cracked so loudly when you shouted "a little bit softer now" they could be heard over music pumped out on the dance floor like Spotted Cow until we drained the kegs dry Day.
A chewy gooey Procrastination Sunday to all.


  1. Nope! Can't stand licorice!!!!
    Maybe if it was soaked in a bottle of Tequila all night?
    Nah....I'd rather eat the worm!

  2. I just found out it was National Licorice Day too! I love licorice...just not black licorice! Sorry, Jeanna! I know it's one of your faves! You still love Jimbo and me even if we don't like black licorice, right? LOL!

    Congrats to Nitro Nanci's eldest daughter! She looks stunning in her wedding dress! Beautiful!

  3. Licorice, especially black licorice rocks, you two. And I've gotten sick on Ouzo.
    Yeah, C., she is a very pretty girl, although a Cub fan marrying another ~gag~ Cub fan.
    I'm going to take you up on all this talk of eating worms someday, Jimbo. I'll show up on your doorstep with a carton of bait and a bottle of Jameson.

  4. I LOVE licorice but don't eat it unless I am alone so I don't have to worry about the black on my teeth when I'm done eating it.

  5. At least you're eating black licorice. Good for you. I don't know if they have any Copp's Foods up there, but if you get the right store, they have most excellent black licorice in their bulk bins.

  6. Jeanna
    Be gentle...I'm a "Jameson" virgin!

  7. Ah, lad, Jameson is as gentle yet sassy as Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise.

  8. LOL! Oh, Jimmy! You are too funny!

    Hey, I've got a contest going on right now. I thought I'd return the favor. You know, one good deed deserves another? Or is it "one good candy deserves another"?

    Jeanna, you got me addicted to Cow Pies. Seriously, I went to the Baraboo website...Ohhhh, this is dangerous stuff, man! I'm talking Cow Pie addiction here! LOL!

  9. HA! SHOUT!!!! Sounds like a typical Sunday around! (Except for the old knees cracking part...)

    Hope you have recovered and are feeling perky again! :)

  10. are those TAXES coming along??? ;)

  11. Hey, I was at THAT wedding. You're hilarious.

  12. What the HELL is a 1099-MISC with a Schedule C, C-EZ, or F? What six-digit code on what pages C-8 through C-10 of what instructions where?
    Frick it all, I'm grilling out.
    Hmmm, Sockeye Salmon for $7.99/lb.

  13. Hey MM, I bet you were. As have I been about a thousand times.
    Da da da da da da (singing the Chicken Dance)...
    The bad news, we ran out of Spotted Cow. The good news, I wasn't too drunk not to care so could drive home from Lake Windsor.

  14. That last statement made no sense at all, but I'm breathing in grill fumes and seem to be missing both whateverthehell Schedule F is and the rest of Schedule C-EZ.
    And Miss Vickers is very sick and all I want to do is make her feel better and eat red meat.

  15. Hey Olga, it was a typical Dempsey family gathering classed up a bit. Complete with people missing the ceremony, the dinner, but not the beer. No names. Rick.
    I vow to only shout a little bit louder now.

  16. lol, you're lucky you can file the schedule C E-Z. The long C is a pain and I hate that itemized list of misc other on the back.

    ARGH!!! And how weird is it that your tax question actually made sense to me that you're self employed with misc income. I need t go eat some licorice. I like the Panda brand, what can I say?

  17. Hey Wanderer, I thought it would make sense to you, and yes the C-EZ would have been easier if Taxslayer would have let me use it.
    They also don't do Homestead which pays rent for two months (the WI credit for renters and some homeowners).
    I still swear by the Aussie licorice, but Panda is okay. I might try their filled licorice, but I'm skeptical of any Nordic candy after my first nibble of Dutch salty.

  18. OK.....get off your procrastinatin' arse and post me something new!!!!
    Sweety, Honey, Darlin'.......
    ummm...errrr.....things you would never hear an italian say?
    "Darlin' darlin' poo poo"

  19. Mm National Licorice Day (how did that come into being?). I loved Licorice as a kid cause none of the other kids did and I got theirs at parties.

  20. Things you would never hear an Italian say:

    No thanks, I'm not hungry.
    I forgave him as soon as it happened.
    Certainly I'll let you pay the bill.

    And I've been trying to post about lava balls for days, but the photos won't turn out.

    So der, ya cucuzza longa.

  21. Hi Eamon, I'm not sure as I was out of the loop on that one. I suspect it had something to do with Red Vines and the American Licorice Co.


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